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>Endchan is the SourceForge of imageboards: Communities come here for their last spot in the sun and either thrive or devote themselves to the void before long.

endchan is a anonymous imageboard that promotes ideas over identity. The website was created after the first couple failed migrations of 8chan to InfinityNever, hence their software fork of LynxChan is called InfinityNow. endchan is named after Douglas Adams' restaurant at the end of the universe. It allow users created and managed boards very similar to 8chan but features the following:

  • 350mb uploads
  • no cp
  • i2p support
  • real servers
  • better admins
  • encrypted disks
  • overboard
  • multiboard
  • no required captchas
  • no Jim
  • multiple domains
  • no cloudflare
  • Eye of sauron ( https://www.endchan.xyz/.static/sauron.html )
  • better ID system
  • realtime posting

endchan is owned by SnakeDude and admin'd by Balrog (policy) and Odilitime (operations). Several refugee boards have set up shop here including AM, pol, librejp, kc, intl, and ggrevolt.


Hotwheels buying endchan ruse

This was a horribly executed ruse where HotWheels bought endchan a single domain and they pushed it as him acquired the site. They back pedaled as said it was a meme on HotWheels saying Jim owned 8chan because he owned the domain.

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