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National Spying Agency

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The National Security Agency, or more accurately, the National Spying Agency is an American government agency that collects and harvests data to keep track of, well, everything that it can. Think of it as "Big Brother" in 1984. If the NSA wants to spy on you and collect intelligence on you, it will. WIP.

See also: Edward Snowden

Making their job more difficult

  • Snowden has released a list of countries that collaborate with the NSA. If you have any sort of webhosting or VPS, do not host it in any country listed below. There is, of course, no guarantee that countries NOT listed here are any better, but these are countries KNOWN to be problematic.
  • Fucking with SIGINT:

If you really believe you have nothing to hide, there's a number of keywords which, if searched, could potentially put you on a secret watchlist. Knowing some agent might have to scan every one of your lengthy discussions about dragon dildos for terrorism is very satisfying. http://nsa.motherboard.tv/