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Alternative ISA General is a discussion thread about non x86 hardware. While there have been such threads in the past, they were usually sporadic and not very well connected with one another, which meant that whatever transpired in one thread wasn't carried over to the next one.

Due to the rise of desktop-class ARM chips, interest in alternative hardware has risen, with many Anons even coming up with projects of their own. Therefore, a centralised place was needed, where we could keep track of the development and goals of the community.

While discussion of Intel or AMD hardware is not absolutely prohibited (and even if it were, who is gonna enforce this? LOL), due to the ubiquity of x86 hardware, it is assumed that whatever concerns such architecture can be discussed in any of the other gorillion threads on the board.

Ongoing projects

Anons are currently interested in porting several open source projects to the PowerPC architecture. Currently the following proposals have been made:

Grand Theft Auto III

Re3 is a homebrew engine intended to replace proprietay RenderWare with an open source implementation. Anons have been discussing making a port for the 32-bit PowerPC version of Mac OS X.

The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind

OpenMW is a free and open source modern re-implementation of the Gamebryo engine.

Tomb Raider

OpenLara is a Classic Tomb Raider open-source engine.


Anon has been kind enough to put together a small reference library.


An interesting fpga handheld is being crowdfunded, with a focus on security

Developing for all sorts of CPU

Developing for the 6502 microprocessor and its relatives

ForwardCom Instruction Set

FPGA-related repositories on GitHub

Hitachi SuperH RISC Engine (Kawasaki Ikuya et al)

Homebrew Cray-1A

MIPS is back

The Resurgence of SPARC/Solaris (Okamoto Rikiya)

Transputer Instruction Set