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[http//:8ch.net/cyber/] is a board on 8chan dedicated to the discussion of the Cyberpunk genre of fiction, the Cyberpunk lifestyle and the Cyberpunk aspects of life that have evolved since the 80's during the birth and boom of Cyberpunk. Discussion there is typically about politics, movies, books, anime and technology and how they relate to the cyberpunk aesthetic and lifestyle, it could be roughly surmised as the cultural counterpart to /tech/. It runs at slow but bearable pace with roughly 25 to 1 posts per hour making it too slow to lurk on all day but just fast enough to have amassed some pretty schway content by the time you jack in each morning.

Terminology and Word Filters

In accordance with its general theme /cyber/ uses its own lingo. This dialect of internet speech uses terms ripped straight from works such as blade runner, William Gibson's Neuromancer and others.

Some common terms

Brouzouf. The Main currency in the vidya game EYE: Divine Cybermancy, used on /cyber/ as a word filter or slang for money.

Jack in. To plug a computer directly into your brain. May also refer to VR technology.

Drokk. Directly translates to shit. Derived from the Shadowrun (p&p RPG) word Drek.

Shazbot. Word Filter for Faggot.

Chummer. Word Filter for Friend, bro, nigga, pal, mate.

Schway Word Filter for Awesome, cool or sick. Also used to note that something has a uniquely cyberpunk aspect (ie that keyboard is schway as Drokk)

Issues with /cyber/

Unfortunately due to the low bar of entry, script kiddies and angry /pol/aks often creep into discussions about aesthetics, culture and politics and tend to derail them. An example of this is one thread where some /cyber/ users were discussing the future of surveillance and how it will affect their lives and a /pol/ak crept in and started calling everyone cucks and betas and blaming everything on Jews and gay people. The thread was never the same and all the /pol/ak contributed was a fine example of /pol/ rhetoric. Script kiddies are also dangerous derailing threads about schway desktop environments with Microsoft shilling.