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The Friendly GNU/Linux Thread (/g/fglt/) is a regular general thread on 4chan's /g/ board. It is designed to aid in people wanting advice for the GNU/Linux system, as well as help complete newfags switch to/use the Linux system. Usually when no one contributes, it becomes a place to just goof off and shitpost, resulting in "MicroMemes" such as Jimmy Savile smoking a cigar, and overuse of the /pol/ and 8ch/pol/ term "cuck".

OP post/copypasta

Note: If you're the next OP, be sure to include in the "Title" - /fglt/ - Friendly GNU/Linux Thread

The OP post/copypasta is located here - https://paste.installgentoo.com/view/40e789dd

External links

Where you can find the newest /fglt/