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== Shilling & Marketing ==
== Shilling & Marketing ==
Once Rajeet pressed the submit button, he received an official Microsoft email in his officially licensed Office Box 365 Outlook mailbox. It reads:
''"Thank you Rajeet Perjat, $0.13 USD has been added to your account, thank you for continuing to educate people about our product".'' - John from Microsoft
Rajeet smiled knowing he can now shit in a nicer street this week- but the job is not yet complete. Rajeet cracked his knuckles and started getting busy replying to himself.
=== Advertising Firms ===
=== Advertising Firms ===

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/g/ is 4chan's technology discussion board. The board letter /g/ stands for gijutsu (技術), the Japanese word for technology.


/g/ - Technology was created in mid-January of 2005, amidst a major restructuring in an attempt to make 4chan more appealing to advertisers and normalfags, and less of a breeding ground for pedophiles. Like everything moot does, the restructure changed nothing, and only served to made 4chan's heavily prominent undertones of pedophilia and sexual frustration much more prevalent.

/g/ - Guro

Prior to October of 2004, /g/ was 4chan's guro board, home to all manner of violent, grotesque and gory anime art.

/g/ - Guro was deleted in October of 2004 along with /l/ - Lolikon, but their spirit continues to live on at /g/ - Technology, which is frequently the host of many blatantly off-topic and unabashed loli/guro dump threads with almost zero moderator intervention.

In 2014, the majority of /g/ users migrated to /tech/.



Tox is a WIP secure instant messaging client. It's meant to be a Skype replacement, created directly in response to the Snowden NSA leaks.


MooGNU is a copyleft alternative to the popular NyanCat animation. It was created by /g/ in response to the pre-emptive removal of NyanCat from the Desktop Environment MATE due to concerns by the developers about NyanCat's copyright status.


LiveChan is an IRC-like 4chan clone with dynamic post updates and loads of other features. Programmed in node.js by emgram, LiveChan is still in development. Open-source, but non-free software.

Jiyuu Linux

Jiyuu Linux is a Gentoo-based GNU/Linux distribution with the purpose of being relatively entry-level for new users, but teaching them how to be proficient in GNU/Linux. Still in development.

Shilling & Marketing

Advertising Firms

In 2013, a number of threads were being made that were made like Ads for Dell and Microsoft products. Later that year it was announced that both Dell and Microsoft had hired private PR consultants to post positive comments about their products on web forums.

These posts contained general shitposting that people ignored, such as Have you purchased your new Nokia Lumia 521 yet?, MS Surface released tomorrow, 350 USD, REMINDER: the new Nokia has a studio-quality camera right on the phone. Seriously, /g/uys. Why haven't you gotten this yet? etc.