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/g/ is 4chan's technology discussion board. Its users are referred to as /g/entleman.


Over the years, /g/entleman of multiple generations have created dozens of projects like GNU/Linux distributions, free software discussion boards and all kinds of media. Listed below are just a fraction of what /g/ has created.


Tox is a work-in-progress secure instant messaging client. It was created by a few /g/entlemen in response to the 2013 global surveillance disclosures revealed by Edward Snowden, in the hopes that the masses would adopt an NSA-proof instant messaging client if encryption "just worked" out of the box.


MooGNU is a copyleft alternative to the popular NyanCat animation. It was created by /g/ in response to the pre-emptive removal of NyanCat from the Desktop Environment MATE due to concerns by the developers about NyanCat's copyright status.


LiveChan is a IRC-like 4chan clone with dynamic post updates and loads of other features. Programmed in node.js by emgram, LiveChan is still in development.

/g/ OS

/g/ OS is a gentoo-based GNU/Linux distribution with the purpose of being relatively entry-level for new users, but teaching them how to be proficient in GNU/Linux.