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Satirical Linux kernel fork on open source diversity, conceptualized by /tech/.
Satirical Linux kernel fork on open source diversity, conceptualized by /tech/. The official github repo was eventually terminated.
* '''Highlights'''
* '''Highlights'''

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March 2015

/tech/ is 8chan's top technology discussion board. The board name /tech/ abbreviates for, interestingly enough, the English word technology.

The board consists of tech-related news, centralized GNU/Linux distribution discussions, free software advocacy, anonymity, and general reddit flaming. Meta discussions are taken to /metatech/.


/tech/ - Technology took off around September 2014. The board initially populated by few users has grown to be amongst the most active 8chan boards. Originally in it's first 1-3 months /tech/ was populated by /v/irgins who were interested in tech, and the board was more proprietary friendly (and really just somewhat friendly in general), but over time a lot of /tech/'s old community migrated there after hearing of the exodus. While they brought with them their great tech knowledge, while /tech/ was really great for a while during this period, as time progresses the board is becoming more and more like classic /g/ with all the circlejerking, tech hipsters, and epeen matches. While this elitistry can bring knowledge, it can also be a gigantic pain and contaminate this knowledge into inaccuracy, so for all newcomers: Please check your facts, and not your ego.

/tech/ - Technology

/tech/ features two board stickies for Consumer Advice and Tech Support, purposed in filtering otherwise would be useless threads.




Satirical Linux kernel fork on open source diversity, conceptualized by /tech/. The official github repo was eventually terminated.

  • Highlights
    • On Equality "Absolutely no coding experience is necessary: all code are equal in the eyes of the Feminist Software Foundation. There is no objective way to determine whether one person's code is better than another's. In light of this fact, all submitted code will be equally accepted. However, marginalized groups, such as wom*n and trans* will be given priority in order to make up for past discrimination. Simply submit a pull request for any submission, whether code, artwork, or even irrelevant bits — nothing is irrelevant in the grand struggle for a Truly Tolerant UNIX-ike Kernel!"
    • On Privilege "ToleranUX shall implement an environment where administrative privileges are strictly prohibited. Gone is the superuser — all users are now equal in privilege. In traditional systems this manoeuvre would cause mayhem as there will be no protection against malicious users abusing their power and privileges. To combat this, ToleranUX implements a pan-kernel daemon that checks the privilege of every user during every kernel tick to ensure that no privilege abuse is done. In fact, the only operation that a user can do with their privilege is to check it, ensuring that no societal power abuse can ever be possible."
    • Cultural Sensitivity "In sexist FOSS software, this would be a fork. This term, for being so commonplace and existing in the roots of how an OS handles its processes, displays an inherent lack of consideration and sensibility towards a tolerant approach to shepherding resources. Immature and sexually aggravating puns aside, the term fork also reinforces the Eurocentric idea that "forks" are a sign of culture — who are we to disprivilege and discriminate against the chopsticks, the spoons, and the hand? In light of this, processes must only diverse and never fork in ToleranUX."

Year of the Install Gentoo Wiki

  • /tech/ is working with Bananfish and /g/ to restore and contribute articles to the Install Gentoo wiki. The individual wiki user by the name of 8chan is not directly affiliated with all of 8ch's contributions.