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This page is currently highly WIP. -Kutgebruiker9000

/wmg/ - Washing Machine (and other white goods) General.

Need a new washer? Can't decide which dryer to buy? Read here.

First off: DO NOT BUY ANY WASHER WITH A ALUMINIUM DRUM SPIDER. (unless it says Asko, more on that later) This is what happens to one of the most expensive brands aka Miele with a Alu drum spider after 5 to 10 years: it breaks causing high repair bills, better said: a machine that's scrap! Miele (aka the kikes from Guthersloh, Germany) will give you the middle finger and just want to sell you a new machine or a spider that's 450$/300€.

Currently Asko is the only brand to use a stainless steel drum spider, which makes them mechanically seen indestructible. Higher-speed Askos (above 1600RPM) have a anodised aluminium spider that's just as tough as the stainless ones. They are the only machines with a Alu spider I would trust.

A tier list

  • Absolutely god tier: European Askos with the Siemens 1BV5565-2BF engine, dual heaters and timer control like the 12003 and 16004 (careful though with the machines ending with a 4, the timers tend to fail for some reason and that is a VERY expensive fix!)
  • God tier: Older Askos from the late 80s to early 90s, Mieles from the 70s to the mid 90s (European guys, avoid ANY Mieles with two buttons like the W963), Speed Queens because those are launduromat machines for home use, very old (60's-80's) Bosch/Siemens'es, Induction-engined Zanussis (SUPER quiet because of that engine!), 60's to late 80's Maytags, Kenmores and Whirlpools.
  • Great tier: New and real Askos (you know it's a real Swedish Asko if it has no door boot), Mieles after the middle of the 90s.
  • Reasonable tier: Most brands currently on the USA market like GE, Maytag, Whirlpool, New Mieles, Bosch/Siemenses.
  • Shit tier: Low-end machines from any of the brands above (except Asko but I will come back on that later), Italian machines like Ariston, Indesit, or anything that's made by Merloni, Electrolux-made Kenmores and Frigidares.
  • ABSOLUTELY DISGUSTING.jpg tier: Chink brands like Haier, Merloni built Askos and Whirlpools, Daewoo built Asko XXL models.

Special machines like washer-dryer combos

USA market: Avoid them like the plague! They are of shit quality, dry terribly and take AGES to dry!

Europe: Miele WT745 or just use a clothes line. No other W&D combo dries like a Miele WT745. Not even the newer models like the WT945 or WT2670 come close! Oh and it has a cast iron spider unlike the newer machines. Do not overload (2.5kg of laundry for drying!) and frequently check the lint filter.

Top loaders:

USA: See "God Tier".

Europe: Old Asko TLs (avoid the "Made in Finland" machines like the plague, a Asko service dude told me they're completely shit!) or Mieles, otherwise just get a front loader.