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4chanX filters

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With 4chan X installed, you can add filters to automatically hide certain threads to make your 4chan experience a little better.

Here's a list of filters you can add which should hide most reoccurring "x general" threads on /g/. Simply comment a line out with # to unhide those threads.

If you're having problems with the filters, make sure there is no whitespace at the start of each line

 # Add these to the General section of the 4chan X filters tab
 # Having a # at the start of the line means the filter is disabled
 ## Misc ##
 # Strangely, filtering all threads that have a question as the first or last sentence seems to dramatically
 # increase the board quality, as it filters out troll and tech support threads
 ## Bait ##
 /(prove|convince) me/i;op:only;boards:g
 /protip.\s+you can(no|'?)t/i;op:only;boards:g
 /suicide watch/i;op:only;boards:g
 /so this is the power/i;op:only;boards:g
 /we got too cocky/i;op:only;boards:g
 ## Consoomer ##
 # Some of these are commented out as there can still be some interesting 
 # discussion on tech brands. Apple doesn't get a pass, though.
 # Any thread with the word "recommend" in it (but not -ed/-s/-ation)
 # is also suspect as it tends to be a tech support thread