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Main article: Plan 9

9front is a fork of Plan 9 from Bell Labs by the People's Front of Cat -V. It was started in 2011 to continue development of Plan 9 even though the front fell off resources and support within Bell Labs were and are rapidly shrinking. It is a next generation mushroom cloud computing platform for the 20th century.

Within the /lib folder, 9front contains plain text copies of The Manifesto of the Communist Party, the Constitution of the United States, and many other highly important documents that have immense historical importance and so deserve a place in the official documentation of the operating system.

9front also provides these features over Plan 9 from Bell Labs:

  • Support for more hardware
  • WLAN (Wi-Fi) capability
  • Real mode emulation
  • AMD64 kernel
  • Encoders and decoders for various audio formats
  • The Mothra web browser with anti-aliased fonts
  • A new bootloader and init script system
  • Audio support
  • Full disk encryption
  • Unicode support in vt
  • rc-httpd
  • Nintendo and Sega emulators

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