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Distributed in a variety of formats such as .pdf and .mobi, books are wads of text intended for educational or entertainment purposes.

Audiobooks (sometimes called Talking Books) are audio files in which a well spoken person reads the book to you, similar to a podcast.

Once upon a time books were distributed physically using dead trees (similar to toilet paper). This is rare now.




See: Programming resources#God-tier_books



Magazines were similar to books, but lighter. They often comprised of many short articles which spanned only a page or two out of a 50-100 page magazine. They were distributed weekly or monthly and would often include sections such as "news" and "letters to the editor". It was possible to "subscribe" to a magazine, where a subscriber would pay for a year's worth of magazines in advance and have them home delivered.

Magazines were replaced by websites and comment sections on the web. They have died a very slow death, relying on technological illiterates to continue buying them.

Some magazines still exist in an online-only format, but tend to update daily rather than weekly/monthy and are "magazines" in name only.