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Build a PC

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Building a desktop

Building your own desktop allows for greater customisation and control. It's worth it even though it's harder.

Some common issues when building your PC

  • Use standoffs under the motherboard mounting holes!
  • Read the manual that came with your motherboard
  • Plug in all the power connectors
  • If you have a graphics card, connect your monitor to your graphics card and NOT to the motherboard
  • Spread thermal paste however you feel like, use about half a pea size amount, if using the stock heatsink don't touch the preapplied stuff
  • Install the CPU heatsink before putting the motherboard into the case
  • Yes the CPU socket lever will be hard to push down and feel like it's taking too much force. That's normal.

External Links

  • PCPartPicker - Computer component aggregator and comparison tool dedicated to picking out compatible computer components, allowing one to seamlessly create a desktop.
  • Logical Increments - Most commonly known as the Falcon Guide, a good starting point to building a computer on a budget, components are grouped by price point.
  • ChooseMyPC.net - Cookie cutter PC build generator, also hosts several guides and resources related to builds.