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The logical increments PC Buying Guide / Falcon Guide. Recent as of December 19, 2012

The Logical Increments PC Buying Guide, commonly called "The Falcon Guide", is a guide written by tripfag "Th !e.FaLconO6" designed to help find the best computer at each price point. It is fairly frequently updated and provides the best value at each price point at the time. See the links in the External Links section for the latest version of the guide.


  • Easy to use guide that lists the best values for money at the time
  • Goes from extremely poor (<300 USD builds) to very high end (>1500 USD)
  • Well researched


  • Does not take into account the price of a commercial (pay) OS
  • Does not provide highest end parts
  • Does not take into account combos, special deals, etc.
  • No watercooling recommendations
  • Requires additional research to find what’s best for each individual


The Falcon Guide, while not perfect, is very good at serving as a stepping stone to building a computer.

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