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Chinese/Electronic and computer goods

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Amateur radio

  • Baofeng

Battery chargers (for either or both of NiMH and Lithium rechargeables)

  • Miller ML-102 v8
  • Xtar MC1 (I will add more notes here later, but there are many more Xtar chargers out there I recommend. Generally speaking I think they offer better values than the Nitecore brand)
  • Nitecore i2 and i4 (d2 and d4 if you like to additionally have a display or LiFePO4 charging)
  • Klarus C2 (also can be used as power bank)
  • Opus BT-C3100 (preferably v2.2+)
  • Skyrc MC3000
  • Liitokilla



  • Hobbyking's Turnigy (Eneloop alternatives, high-end, check which warehouse you buy from!)
  • GP ReCyko (Ikea Ladda alternatives, low-end)

Lithium rechargeables:

  • Buy LG/Sanyo/Panasonic. Not necessarily Chinese in origin, but Chinese resellers are often the cheapest way to get smaller quantities shipped.

Bicycle computers

  • BoGeer YT-816, YT-833

Drawing Tablets / Digitizers

  • Huion

Drones / Quadcopters

  • Cheerson
  • Floureon H101
  • Eachine H8 with Open Source Firmware[1]=

Electrical DIY

  • Aoyue and Yihua 936 soldering station (double check ground)
  • A-BF GS60 and GS90 soldering irons (GS120 uses hard to find larger tips that are expensive & harder to find, better avoid that one)
  • All-sun multimeters
  • KCX-045 USB voltage meter
  • Uni-T (anything, official spec sheets are correct)

Gaymur Gear

  • Clone headsets

Google "Cardboard" VR Glasses

  • BoboVR II and III
  • VR Box II


  • BM-800
  • BM-700 (exact same as BM-800 internally. go with whichever is cheaper between the 700 and 800.)
  • BM-8000 (Same internals as the 700 and 800, the only difference being a tiny pop filter on the 8000)
  • SF-666

Music / MP3 Player

  • AGPTeK (alias for RuiZu)
  • RuiZu X02 (Flash the AGPTeK's software on it)


  • Xiaomi Mini Router

Sports cameras

  • Mobius Actioncam
  • SJCam
  • Xiaomi Yicam


  • Cube tablets
  • Chuwi tablets *Chuwi Hi8 is known to have a few issues. (overheating, low battery life)*
  • Onda tablets
  • Teclast X98 Pro
  • Mi Pad 2/Xiaomi Mi Pad 2
  • Great build quality
  • High PPI screen, no gap between device and screen like most
  • 9-10 hour battery
  • Doesn't get very hot
  • Speakers are clear and bassy, no distortion at high volumes
  • 2GB RAM means it lags at having Youtube, Windows store, a couple of tabs and Evernote all open together. You'll see it slow down quite a bit with switching tabs etc.
  • No micro SD slot
  • Only one USB type C port with no video out support
  • Reported screen flickering at higher brightness and certain colours, as well as faint vertical lines at the bottom centre of the screen
  • Minor build quality issues; one anon reports creaking noises when cold at the bottom left of screen like it's not fully fitted

Universal programmers

  • MiniPRO TL866xx series programmers (works on Linux and Windows)

USB chargers

  • Orico. Orico generally makes quality stuff.
  • Tronsmart
  • Xiaomi's power rail (the version that has USB ports)