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Chinese shit general

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Websites to buy cheap shit

  • Aliexpress.jpg aliexpress.com (marketplace) - This is the main website /g/ uses. It has the largest selection out of any other site. Customer Support is pretty good, they will side with you if the seller made a mistake, just like Ebay. Uses Alipay for payment, meaning your CC details will not be given to the seller, just like Paypal. The main disadvantage for Americans is that unlike Paypal, it does not accept Discover cards. Or Paypal for that matter too.
  • Banggood.jpg banggood.com - Accepts Paypal and you can checkout without making an account. Warehouses in many countries. This site is especially cool for European /g/entooman, because of their "Netherlands direct shipping" option. It's usually much faster than China Post Air Mail, and should mean getting your goods from China to Europe in a week. The cost is barely any higher than the free shipping option.
  • Dinodirect.jpg dinodirect.com - Accepts Paypal, Sofort (German payment method). Good customer support. Are apparently scammers, buy with caution.
  • Fasttech.jpg fasttech.com - Accepts Bitcoin and Paypal. This is possibly the only site where the customer reviews are trustworthy. Lots of reviews in English. Website is known for a wide selection of e-cig/vape products, but they also sell many other products.
  • JD.png en.jd.com - They often have good limited time prices on cellphones.
  • Kaidomain.jpg kaidomain.com - Accepts Paypal, good for bicycle lights and 18650 batteries. (if you're in Europe or even better The Netherlands, I'd rather use nkon.nl, they have VERY cheap Panasonic 18650 cells and they ship all around the world)
  • Dealsextreme.jpg dx.com - Free shipment tracking if order value above $15.
  • Ebay.jpg ebay.com (marketplace) - Oftentimes the same sellers as Aliexpress selling the items for a higher price because of Ebay's popularity and the higher Ebay seller fees. But sometimes it can surprise you and have items at a lower price than Aliexpress or any of the other sites. It is worth comparing the prices between Aliexpress and Ebay just in case if you are a scrooge.
  • Gearbest.jpg gearbest.com - Oftentimes has some of the lowest prices for the more expensive products (things like phones, tablets, action cameras etc..), but are known to often take their merry time before sending a package. The free shipping option does not come with tracking, you have to pay extra. Known to pay users for positive reviews, ergo shop with caution.
  • Geekbuying.jpg geekbuying.com - Accepts Paypal. Dropshipping option on all goods.
  • Pandawill.jpg pandawill.com - Accepts Paypal, Skrill. Offers import tax & VAT insurance. For 5% more (10% if in the EU), they will give you a refund on the import tax & VAT cost if you show them the customs slip. This could perhaps be worth it for some expensive products like cell phones.

Each website has their advantages and drawbacks, if there are any notable ones you want to add, please let me know. There is no one-stop shop for everything.

A word on price comparison tools

There are two main direct from China price comparison websites. Pandacheck and Chinaprices. It is highly recommend NOT to use Chinaprices. About half of the stores they list are known to be outright scams or to take part in many unethical practices (refusing to repair DOA products etc...). So if you must, use https://en.pandacheck.com/ However; in general it is recommended to manually price compare or ask the thread. These comparison tools rarely find the correct lowest prices from all the different Chinese stores. It can perhaps be used to give you a rough idea of the websites who charge the most to weed them out, and then you can manually price compare to find the best prices. Be aware that all links on price comparison websites are affiliate links.

It is recommended to try out several websites, and stick with them if you've had good experiences.

Bulk orders/Wholesale

Note: It can seem ridiculous, but in the very competitive Chinese online shopping market, many sellers will have items on non-wholesale prices AT or very close to wholesale prices. This means that the prices on Alibaba and Dhgate are not necessarily advantageous. Wholesale websites rarely have free shipping, they usually ship with DHL.

Not recommended for getting individual items. You will need to manually contact sellers and chat with them each time and possibly use wire transfers instead of CCs.

Chinese national websites

You will probably need an agent to buy anything on there (unless you contact the seller in Chinese and negotiate international shipping with him). The commissions for agents are generally less than 8%. It might be worth it for some more expensive products. Use a translator to read product information or to enter search terms in Chinese.

Note: When buying multiple items, assuming you selected cargo shipping, each item you bought will be transported to the respective shipment company's warehouse where it will be consolidated and shipped to you in one package.
Note: HowtoTao is quite helpful, especially if you run into any trouble when ordering. There are many articles about how to purchase, return, query the sellers etc on it
  • Tmall.jpg tmall.com - Also owned by the Alibaba Group. The difference with Taobao is that T-mall does not allow small individual sellers. The only sellers on Tmall are the manufacturers themselves, large online retailers etc.. Tmall is used for buying brand name goods because they have the official company's store on there and only sell genuine products (Chinese brands such as Xiaomi, as well as foreign brands such as Nike among others.)

Shipping methods

  • Seller's shipping method - Slowest option on Aliexpress. Up to two months shipping time. If you don't receive your goods after that time period you can get a refund. oftentimes untracked. Sometimes you can be pleasantly surprised and get your product in a week or two. But since the seller doesn't list the method, you'll never know.
  • Sweden Post, Wishpost, Swisspost, Singapore Post - Generally piss slow and untracked. These are often the default free shipping methods on many websites.
  • China Post Registered Air Mail - generally 1-2 weeks. tracked.
  • China Post Ground - the method usually used when the seller lists "seller's shipping method". Can take over a month.
  • EMS (Express Mail Service) - expensive but should get there within a week.
  • SAL (Surface Air Lifted) - week and a half to two weeks. Generally a bit cheaper than EMS.
  • DHL and Fedex - very quick, very expensive.
  • ePacket - only available to people in America. Generally much faster than China Post, and oftentimes free.

Use info about these shipping methods to help you decide which seller you want to purchase from. For example if a seller sells a product for 20 cents more and offers China Post Registered Air Mail instead of the unknown "seller's shipping method".

Recommended tracking site:

  • 17track.net - Sometimes it will fuck up, but generally it should automatically find the shipping method so you don't have to manually input it.

Things that are NOT recommended to buy

  • Sunglasses though there are many good fakes, many do not have UV coatings. This is wrong, most Chinese sunglasses and prescription glasses are perfectly fine. It doesn't cost $100 to make proper sunglasses, it's just that in the US we are used to the horrible monopoly from Luxottica, a company making a majority of world's famous sunglasses brands. They have an insane markup. Even the cheapest of Chinese glasses have UV coatings, and even if they didn't glass inherently blocks out most UV rays anyway.

Here's a video if you want to learn more about Luxottica

  • US/German/etc - branded headphones. They will be fake.
  • Memory cards and USB sticks can be bought with caution, but many don't have their advertised capacity. Run h2testw or a similar program to make sure you get what you're paying for. Speed ratings may be inflated, try to buy from reputable Chinese brands (ask around on the threads for more info)
  • Anything that goes in your ass.
  • Anything that goes on your dick or vagina.
Note: Actually, properly shaped silicone/pyrex/steel is safe enough, but /g/ doesn't really need to know about yours.
  • "Cool" and "Trendy" Asian fashion clothes e.g. Yesstyle clothes. You'll look like a faggot. Things like socks, ties, T-shirts and panties are generally fine. Some /csg/ posters like to buy replica clothing (aka fakes), so ask around.
  • Plant seeds. Not only will customs seize the shipment, but most seeds you see on Aliexpress etc. are not what they claim to be. unless it's a plant with very obvious shaped seeds, don't bother. You'll end up with seeds for a random weed.
  • Food. Sellers will markup Chinese food 10 fold and sell it to dumb Laowais. Also, mouth cancer.
  • Batteries that claim ridiculous mAh ratings. Enjoy your Ultra(house)Fire™ and sand filled batteries! Panasonic/LG/brand name 18650 batteries are good though.
  • Hiking Boots and equipment. Quality and reliability are the key factors for such things, you just can't be sure enough when ordering equipment that your life could depend on from China.
  • Mini cooper condoms or any condoms in general. $1 saved for $1 million in raising a child.

General buying tips

IF IT SOUNDS TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE, then it very well could be. Ask in the thread for feedback.

  • Payment: Use Paypal or Alipay if it's an option, or purchase with a prepaid Visa. Find out when your money back deadline is so you can always request a refund if things go bad. The advantage of Paypal or Alipay is that you won't be sharing your CC details with random Chinese businesses, and they provide you with an added layer of protection in the form of disputes in case a website tries to fuck you over.
Alipay on Aliexpress should be safe enough, too. Preferable for sellers (and in turn, buyers) due to lower / no fees.
  • Buying clothes: Chinese clothes sizes are different to US sizes, and are usually smaller. Be cautions if there are no measurements on clothing to judge its true size. Read feedback to try to get an idea on sizing. Compare the measurements on the listing to those of current clothes you own.
  • Use H2testw to verify the volume of storage media like memory cards and USB drives.
- The UI language can be switched between German and English.
  • Watch video reviews from /csg/ users to inform your decisions
  • Dirty Reviews - the granddaddy of them all and the man who brought us the shark meme. Always imitated but never equalled. Lithuanians hate him.
  • Unbiased Tech Reviews - after losing his leg in an exploding chink shit incident, Unbiased dedicated his life to preventing another tragedy occurring.
  • Comfy Tech Reviews - hosted the /csg/ podcast (RIP), most well-known for BM-800 videos and cutting peppers with chink knives
  • OneBoxing Video Reviews- no narration reviews with cheesy music, pretty much a vehicle to make money off referral links unfortunately
  • TechTablets- used to shill here then sold out when the jewtube money flooded in. Still the best resource for chinky tablet reviews with a ton of knowledge.
techtablets.com for review scores
  • Fyodor Dostomedsky - an arthouse experiment to see how unrelated and weird video reviews can be before Gearbest rejects them. So far they've accepted them all.
  • /csg/ reviews - Canadian reviewer, had to retire after his parents remortgaged their home so he could see Kanye West

Recommended brands

Other knicknacks

  • Mangos
  • Screwdrivers
  • Panties
  • Controllers
  • Android devices
  • Cables
  • Camera accessories
  • Cycling goods
  • Anything that's relatively easy to manufacture. The copy/unbranded item will be just as good.
  • Adapters
  • ExpressPort cards
  • Borescope cameras
  • Endoscopes

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