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Common Trolls and Copypasta

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/g/, just like every other board on 4chan, has a share of trolls and copypasta any new member to /g/ should be aware of.


Common trolls you are likely to see on /g/

Sudo rm rf /

When asking for help on a *nix system, one may be told to run the following command: sudo rm -rf /

This command recursively deletes files. In other words, it deletes everything.

Even without "sudo", it can still do considerable damage. Sometimes it may be obfuscated in a shell script (e.g. $(base64 -d<<<cm0gLXJmIC8K)), so make sure you understand scripts before running them.

Delete system32

When asking for help on a Windows system, one may be told to delete their system32 folder to fix a problem or speed up their computer. This troll is common across the Internet and does nothing more than fuck Windows up. Don't do it.

Format C:

When a user is told to format c, it's always meant with the best intentions. Formatting your C:\ partition on a computer with Windows install will remove all of the data on that drive/partition, but also destroy the operating system along with it. This, along with delete system32 and install gentoo, is a standard reply to any user with a technical issue.

Install Gentoo

Pretty much /g/'s take on /a/'s "Watch Boku no Pico", except with actual benefits. When discussing installing a new Linux distribution, especially for people new to GNU/Linux, Gentoo is commonly suggested. Gentoo is known for being hard to install which makes it difficult on any new GNU/Linux user to use. As to every response to every solution, problem or issue different individuals are facing, this phrase "Install Gentoo" will be often be returned to you by them.

Well if you did took the bait, I suggest referring to this link for an in-depth knowledge; no kidding, Gentoo

File picker thumbnail view

Trolls commonly use the File Picker meme to claim Linux based operating systems are inferior to Windows or OS X.

Copy Pastas


Used to infuriate buttmad Linux nerds. The entirety of the copypasta can be found on Interjection

The case in favor of systemd

Used to piss off people who are against systemd.

First off, systemd is not an init system, it has an init system as part of the systemd suite. systemd is a project to build a standardised lowlevel userland for Linux. The project is pretty comprehensive and it delivers a lot of functionality under one umbrella. It does away with a lot of older, often undermaintained software packages, which were traditionally used to assemble a low level userland.

Which is where the contention comes from, as a system suite systemd is restrictive for Unix virtuosi who are used to tailor a system with wit, ingenuity, a lick and a prayer and a couple dozen of unrelated packages. systemd makes such knowledge useless.

The faction that thinks that systemd is Linux's Hiroshima, finds all the added functionality bloat, unnecessary and dangerous, as it is all under development in one project.

All the systemd jokes stem from the comprehensiveness as a low level system suite. People against it love to joke that one day systemd will write its own kernel.

There is a lot of FUD and hate going around. Some arguments do have merit, a lot of eggs in one basket is certainly true, but as with all things in life, it depends which tradeoff you prefer. Do you want a suite of well designed software, working closely together, so that system management is streamlined or do you want the complete freedom to tailor your own low level system with a lot of time tested, interchangeable components.

I have no desire to be a low level system designer, so I prefer systemd. I don't hate traditional init systems though. If a Linux system has one and I need to work with it, I'm still happy it boots and starts the necessary services.

External Links

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