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There are many technology conferences around the world which happen on a regular basis. Many of them record (and even livestream) their talks.

Security Conferences


DEF CON is probably the most well known and biggest security conference. If you are looking to see what security conferences are like, then their documentary does a great job. It is held in America, however as of 2020 they are also doing DEF CON CHINA.

  • DEF CON YouTube channel
  • DEF CON Media Server hosts video and audio recordings of most Defcon talks, as well as other content such as conference programs and DVDs. Also hosts a selection of hacking related documentaries.

Here are some popular talks:


Popular talks:

Chaos Communication Congress

Popular talks in ENGLISH:

Hackers on Planet Earth (HOPE)

Sponsored by 2600 Magazine. There isn't an official youtube channel, and you may be required to actually BUY the previous talks, however this youtube channel seems to hold most of the content. Also, there was some """controversy""" when someone attended the HOPE conference and wore a MAGA hat. I shit you not vice thought that someone wearing a Trump hat was reason enough to call the entire HOPE event to be canceled.

Popular talks:


You can find archives of their past years content at the bottom of their site.

Other Security Conferences

FOSS Conferences

There are many FOSS/Linux Conferences. Below you can find some of the most popular. Despite many of them having either "linux" or "OSS" in the title, many of them cover areas well outside the Linux kernel and software respectfully, such as hardware/robotics, Security, BSD, Arts/Videogames and general programming/computer use.


Libreplanet is the annual conference held by the Free Software Foundation, since 2009.

LinuxFest Northwest

Popular Talks:


A large conference for Australia (and New Zealand). If you are a student you can get tickets for $0 if you sign up early.

For some reason they decided that every conference gets its own youtube channel, but it appears they may be scrapping that idea as 2019 and 2020 are on the same channel.

Popular Talks:

Other LinuxFests

If you are American, then there is likely a LinuxFest near you.

famous /g/ eCelebrity Luke Smith even did a talk at LinuxFest SouthEast in 2018.

Other Conferences

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