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A cyberdeck is a powerful portable microcomputing device with enough computational power to render the ASIST interface of the Matrix as well as run illegal programs to subvert Matrix protocols. Users of cyberdecks are often called deckers; a combination of the term hacker and cyberdeck.

Cyberdecks traditionally (before 2064) looked like large computer keyboards (similar to early consumer computers in the 1980's like the Commodore 64). They are roughly 0.01875 cubic meters, (or slightly larger than a laptop by the standards of the early 2000's).

With cyberdecks reemergence in 2075, they now appear to look like modern tablets (by the standards of the 2010's).

Slang for cyberdecks

Alternative slang for what most would commonly refer to as a laptop or notebook and/or netbook computer. But could also extend to an iPAD as well. It is derived from THE SPRAWL Trilogy (*this includes the short stories Johnny Mnemonic, New Rose Hotel, Burning Chrome) of Sci-Fi Cyberpunk novels by William Gibson (Neuromancer, Count Zero, Mona Lisa Overdrive). ---basically, die hard fans and wishful thinkers who are bored/disappointed with modern tech as it exists now (such as a smart phone) for being too practical and lacking imagination, and have labeled things in the manner of the alternate 1980s of Gibson's Cyberpunk world line; and in a sense, sticking to more cumbersome (and often times outdated) tech in contrast to what is accepted by the collective majority. Thus some might flip open a laptop/note book and log onto the Internet... others will power up their Cyberdeck and jack into Cyberspace.

(science fiction) A piece of equipment that can be temporarily connected to the user's brain as an interface to cyberspace.

What should my cyberdeck do?

  1. Run from a wired or wireless power source
  2. Run an operating system
  3. Connect to the Internet
  4. Include a keyboard
  5. Output video to a monitor
  6. Built-in or externally connected
  7. Be portable

How do I build a cyberdeck?

  1. Find a case
  2. Find computer parts
  3. Modify the case for ports
  4.  ?????????????
  5. Profit

Why not just use a laptop?


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