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E-Liquid Reviews

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The purpose of this page is to develop a list of /g/-approved liquids and vendors. Please feel free to add to it.

Please submit reviews in the following format under the appropriate headline (and keep it alphabetical):

<liquid name> : <rating/10> : <what it tastes like/throat hit> : <other comments (try to keep it short)> : <signature>

And of course remember that taste is subjective, you may disagree with much of the stuff posted here. If you do, go ahead and write an additional review.

All About Vapor

Crimson Colada : 7/10 : Sweet and sour piña colada with added grapefruit, cool and smooth, medium-weak throat hit : Good day 1, but as always benefits from steeping : Herbivore

Steampunk : 8/10 : Fairly sweet coffee flavor, hints of mocha and vanilla, supposedly includes caramel but I didn't taste any (could just be the batch), medium throat hit : Definitely give this one at least a week to steep, tasted like shit day 1 : Herbivore

Fuzion Vapor

Krankberry : 7/10 : Very sweet berry jam flavor, very mellow due to the max VG blend, weak throat hit : good daily vape, not bad on day 1 but still improved by steeping, recommend using menthol : Herbivore

Peach's Pear : 8/10 : Simple peach/pear flavor, surprisingly strong for the blend, slightly-more-than-weak throat hit : good daily vape, good on day 1, recommend menthol : Herbivore

Unicorn Blood : 7.5/10 : Hard to describe, closest thing is gummy worms, medium flavor, medium-weak throat hit : WILL ETCH PLASTIC TANKS, although they don't say it on the site, clogs coils in record time, recommend using a drip for this one, recommend menthol : Herbivore


Apple Rings : 8/10 : Sour green apple flavor, average throat hit : before steeping it tastes more like rum or bourbon (and still quite good) and slowly turns over to an apple flavor, good throughout the whole steeping process : Herbivore

Wild Cherry : 4/10 : Bitter cherry flavor, very strong, medium-strong throat hit : wouldn't really recommend unless you really like cherries, let it steep before using : Herbivore

Extreme Ice : 9/10 : Pure menthol, great ADV. : Some put it as "Like breathing an altoid". : Tetra

Cinnamon Bun : 7/10 : Great taste in moderate doses, does indeed taste like a cinnamon bun : Slightly cloying with extended use. : Tetra

Cotton Candy : 3/10 : Flavour akin to caramel or burnt sugar : Did not enjoy the taste. May be because it was a 100% VG blend : Tetra

Hawk Sauce : 8/10 : Great flavour, berry-like with a hint of menthol : An ADV easily. : Tetra

Butterscotch : 5/10 : Sweet, but cloying : I may just have an aversion to dessert flavours, but I did not enjoy it. : Tetra

Steamy Vapor

Name Rating Description Reviewer
Masala Krima 7/10 A serious blast of spices, though not a personal ADV as it gets to be a bit much after a while. Toynbeeidea (talk) 01:21, 5 May 2014 (UTC)
Morning Joe 8/10 Doesn't taste quite like brewed coffee, more like coffee beans, with a somewhat nutty flavor. Toynbeeidea (talk) 01:21, 5 May 2014 (UTC)
The Redhead 5/10 Tastes like ginger ale - not my thing, personally, but if that's what you're looking for... Toynbeeidea (talk) 01:21, 5 May 2014 (UTC)
Smack 8/10 A citrus blend, heavy on the orange. Toynbeeidea (talk) 01:21, 5 May 2014 (UTC)