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[http://www.gwern.net/Nicotine Gwern on Nicotine]
[http://www.gwern.net/Nicotine Gwern on Nicotine]

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Babby's first e-cig

How it werks: the battery heats up a coil, typically kanthal wire, to vaporize the liquid surrounding it. The liquid is commonly held in a silica, cotton, or steel mesh wick.

What you need: a battery, a charger, an atomizer, and some e-liquid.


  • <$30
    • Ego-c twist
    • Kanger Protank
    • 510 Charger
  • <$60
    • Vamo VV Mod
    • Several 18650 or 18350 batteries
    • Kanger Protank
    • Charger


  • $60
    • eRoll/eMini
    • Requires needle-tippled bottle heads for easiy fills of tank


E-liquid, or e-juice, is made up of two main ingredients: Propylene Glycol (PG) and Vegetable Glycerin (VG), as well as artificial flavorings. Some specialty liquids may also contain distilled water as a main ingredient.

PG is a low viscosity liquid and has many applications ranging from the suspension agent used in some inhalers, to an ingredient in FDA approved oral and topical medications, as well as a preservative in food and tobacco products. VG is a high viscosity liquid organic compound with applications ranging from use as a sweetener in foods, medications, soaps, and cosmetics.

As PG is a humectant it is common to have a sore throat and cough when you first start vaping. If similar symptoms persist or become more severe e.g. sore or swollen mouth, face, gums, and/or back of throat, you should consider switching to a 100% VG concentration as you may be allergic or sensitive to PG.

The percentage of PG/VG is commonly 50/50, but what works best for you depends on your e-cigarette itself, personal preference, and their vaping properties. 100% VG puts out a lot of vapor, produces little to no throat hit, but mutes the flavor while 100% PG is the opposite. VG also has a relatively high resistance to the heat most atomizers put out, while a higher PG concentration might taste burnt at the same wattage.

Recommended e-liquids

Flavor is subjective and boils down to personal taste: general e-liquid recommendations are hard and established preferences might not apply to e-liquid flavors e.g. one might prefer menthol cigarettes but dislike menthol e-liquid while preferring "tobacco" or coffee flavors. Your tastes will most likely change after you've quit smoking, or you might grow tired of a certain flavor, so it's recommended that you have several or more different preferred e-liquids. Mixtures and bases also vary among vendors so you may find that you prefer a fruit flavor from a certain vendor over others.

Only buy US or EU e-liquids, stay clear of Dekang shit. WESTERN WORLD STRONK.

Israeli liquids may also be acceptable.





Bottom coil

  • Kanger Protank
    • v2 seems to be shit, leaks, some have had success replacing original base with aerotank base. mini seems unaffected.

Top coil

  • Mini Vivi Nova

Dripping Atomizers

Rebuildable Atomizers

  • Drunker Tank


  • RSST [Polycarbonate or Pyrex Tank]


  • Russian 91%

Rebuildable Dripping Atomizers

  • IGO-W [Dual Coil]


  • Efest IMRs
  • AW IMRs
  • Panasonic Hybrids


Mechanical Mods

Regulated Mods

  • Vamo


External Links

The MAP | Vapers Rising - Community maintained map of brick and mortar shops dedicated to or with a selection of e-cigarettes and accessories

Gwern on Nicotine