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/fucko/ threads are dedicated to personal defense against LEA (Law Enforcement Agencies) kicking your door in and storming into your bedroom before you read the period on the end of this sentence. They talk about data encryption, OPSEC, and how to not get fucked if (we all know when) LEA kicks that door.

On /g/ and /tech/, /fucko/ threads used to be created weekly. On /tech/ they were constantly. If there isn't an existing /fucko/ thread on either board, please start a new one with this template.


As Snowden said, encryption works. Full disk encryption is your first stop for anti-fucko. With GNU/Linux dm-crypt, running a shutdown script will unmount encrypted drives and overwrite the encryption keys in memory. Be aware that in many countries failing to disclose your encryption keys is a criminal offense. Whether the punishment for failing to give up your key is worse than your charges is another question. The Fourth and Fifth Amendments of the United States Constitution protect in most cases. There are some exceptions for this, such as if a Legal Official has physically seen the incriminating evidence on the computer, such as a 2009 case where the US Immigration and Customs Enforcement had already seen illegal content upon initial inspection, and a 2017 case where a negroid male was suspected of downloading Child Pornography by torrent hash files.

The UK has no privacy protection clauses whatsoever, and you will face immediate arrest for not allowing the authorities to decrypt your machines. You should consider leaving the United Kingdom immediately as it is a disgusting Orwellian nightmare where kids are arrested for having dull butter knives, and the legal minimum age to purchase a Nerf Gun is 18.

Don't be stupid, use Full Disk Encryption, avoid Proprietary Software, and use hardened network security.

Things to consider


  • Press the power button on your computer to shut it down.

If there is anything else you can think of, you will not have time to react to it.

Do not say a word to the police. For example, acknowledging that there are files of interest on your electronic devices supersedes your Fifth Amendment rights in the United States under the "foregone conclusion" principle; you would be legally compelled to decrypt your encrypted storage.


Classic Bullshit

On destroying your hard drive/SSD:

  • Microwaves
  • Thermite
  • Power drills

This is all bullshit. At best it's destroying evidence. At worst (power drills) you keep 1% of your data away from forensics experts, and you won't have time for any of it in a raid. Most power drills aren't strong enough anyway to cut through a hard drive and into the platter without first removing the case. The best thing to do is perform the standard DoD 5220.22-M standard (which involves filling the drive completely with 1s and 0s over 7 times) and then physically destroy the device. Thermite is recommended, but only after this wiping process.

Dale Gribble Effect

You may think you are safe from spying. However, the very act of knowing too much makes you a target in the contemporary police state. This is called The Dale Gribble Effect after King of the Hill character Dale Alvin Gribble. Dale Gribble is naturally afraid of the government and has spent most of his life prepping and studying conspiracies of the government. He also believes that the government, as well as insects, spy on him. While the Government early-on most likely did not spy on him, the preparations he has made (and should have made), along with his own research, have made him a prime target for government spying.

Every single person who reads this wiki most likely is victim of the Dale Gribble Effect. You should fundamentally prepare for a fucko situation. Besides the Dale Gribble Effect, there is also SWATing which has become a hobby for bored /b/tards in recent years.

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