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Redlinks Gone Wild!

Where should we draw the line between redlinks ("Hopefully someone will write an article about this topic!") and offsite links ("here's more info on this topic")?

By my reckoning, anything that a /g/entooman has an opinionated angle on, or anything that can be crassly simplified deserves a page on our wiki. Boring/Obvious/Clearly Defined stuff like MMORPG or Zork are probably better off either unlinked, or linked to an appropriate page (e.g. Wikipedia). /g/ents may have something to say about them, but I reckon it's unlikely to be a fleshed-out article anytime soon.

Furthermore, if an externally linked article later becomes a fleshed out article, it's easy to relink to the IGW article. In the meantime, the externally linked article will let anons learn more, whereas a redlink will stop them in their tracks.

p.s. Not picking on the MUD article at all - it's a great article. I've just been going through Special:WantedPages and most of the wanted articles are single reference affairs.

Mrsnooze (talk) 03:17, 26 February 2016 (EST)