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Relevant discussion may be found on the talk page. Reason: Move channels to it's own article, List of IRC channels for example. Make things slightly more readable by adding more context, less examples.

Internet Relay Chat (IRC) is a system that facilitates transfer of messages in the form of text. The chat process works on a client/server model of networking. IRC clients are computer programs that a user can install on their system. These clients are able to communicate with chat servers to transfer messages to other clients.

Here's a regex that will find you a chan-related IRC channel name. Use it to search IRC logs or *chan board posts:


For example,

   grep -iEoh '#\/\w+\/[x21-x7E]*' *rizon* | sort | uniq

will search a set of files with rizon in the name.


#installgentoo @ irc.installgentoo.com

#wiki @ irc.installgentoo.com - Official IRC channel for this wiki

#/g/punk @ irc.rizon.net - /cyb/erpunk channel with /cyb/ interests. Also, general chat.

#/g/sicp @ irc.rizon.net - Programming channel with some off-topic chatter. Also home to the guys who set up the gentoomen book library torrent.

#/g/tech @ irc.rizon.net - IRC channel for technology and general discussion! | 4.20% pure autism, 12.5% pure ( ≖‿≖)

#/g/wdg @ irc.rizon.net - Web Developement General. Web dev stuff.

#/g/bots @ irc.rizon.net - IRC bots, mostly made by people from /g/! Type .bots in the channel to get a listing.

#pasta @ irc.rizon.net - Home to shitposting, NO U, fun, >spaghetti, and civil discussion. Now owned by Uncled1023

#anarchy @ irc.rizon.net - No gods, no masters. A channel for freedom, a channel without oppression. Enjoy no OP telling you what you can and can't say | Read the #anarchy manifesto here: https://paste.teknik.io/1371

#Developers @ irc.rizon.net

#technology @ irc.freenode.net

#technloligy @ irc.rizon.net

#perwl @ irc.rizon.net

#/g/speakersquadron @ irc.rizon.net There are no rules. That also goes for the administration. No one's ever been banned.

#/g/technology @ irc.rizon.net - general tech channel, with some occasional off topic NO FUN ALLOWED! The creators of teknik.io are here, and it's run with an iron fist by Microsoft developer Uncled1023 and Combot.


#rice @ irc.darenet.org - Ricing in a friendly, censorship-free community.

#rice @ irc.rizon.net - Ricing.

#pantsumen @ irc.rizon.net - /g/ culture, anime, drugs, and ricing.

#degeneracy @ irc.rizon.net - Dekstep tred pedophiles and ricing. Meta/b/. Dead MONTHS ago due to the rincewind autism incident (2/7/2015)



Hexchat - Windows + Linux (Free & Libre fork of X-Chat on Windows)

Limechat - Windows & OS X

Quassel - (Windows, Linux, OS X & Android) Client-Server based IRC client. Replaces the need for a bouncer.


irssi - Linux/Unix Terminal Client

weechat - Linux/Unix Terminal Client

BitchX - Linux/Unix Terminal Client


ZNC - Linux/Unix, OS X, Windows (cygwin)





Stop IRC Bullying


Need to Know IRC Commands


       Type /join #channelname -- to join a channel of your choice
       Example:  /join #installgentoo


       The /me is an action message.
       Type /me 'does anything'
       Example:  /me waves hello


       Type /msg nickname (message) to start a private chat.
       Example:  /msg foobar Hey tat, how are you?


       /nick changes your nickname
       Example:  type /nick newnickname (limit 9 characters)


       Type /ping nickname.  What this command does is give you the ping time, or lag time, between you and the person you pinged.
       Lag can be explained as the amount of time it take for you to type your message and for others to read your messages.  
       Unfortunately, lag is always a part of IRC, although most times it's not a problem, just a nuisance.
       Example:  /ping luv2quilt


       Type /whois nickname to see a bit more information about another user.  You'll see what server another person is using, or 
       what their ISP is.  Pretty helpful when you don't recognize a nickname that wants to chat.  You may recognize the IP, (Internet 
       Protocol) and then feel more comfortable carrying on a conversation.  You'll also be able to see what other channels a person 
       is in, which might be a good indicator if you really want to talk with them or not.
       Example:  /whois bossmom


       There's one more very helpful command, and probably the one you'll use a lot when first starting out.  In fact, I still use it
       quite a lotType /help, you'll see the the mIRC Help Menu open up.  You can do a search from there, or you can type /help topic.
       Either way, a TON of information at your fingertips.
       Example: /help Basic IRC Commands