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Welcome! Here's a simple guide to help you create a great article!

What should my article be about?

Head on over to https://8ch.net/tech/ and https://boards.4chan.org/g/ and take a look at the threads on there. The stupid questions threads are excellent for topics to write about. You can also find some needed articles on the list on the main page and in the list of wanted pages.

If, on a technology board, different people will ask the same things, or you've felt at some time or another that there should have been a guide for something, then you have pretty good indication that there should be an article on it.

How should I write my article?

I'm glad you asked. Your article should be informative, and the main things people will be looking for when browsing this wiki are:

  • What is (insert topic here)?
  • Why should I use (insert topic here)?
  • How do I use (insert topic here)?
  • Where can I get (insert topic here)?

and last but not least

  • What (insert topic here) does /g/ use or recommend?

These are the questions you should try to answer while writing your article.

Don't use first-person remarks

Avoid these words in the page I, we, our, etc. Always use third-person remarks on any article. For guides, then you can use second-person remarks.

This doesn't affect the talk page and meta page.

Don't shitpost with your own opinion unless you've got proof

Don't shitpost with your own opinion unless you've shown it to be true, and people generally agree with you (even if you have to convince them).

  Arch is a shitty distro that takes ages to set up and is crap because I haven't seen
  anything good come out of it. It's a waste of time too, so don't use it.

Do not add humor/false statments to your article

Again, don't shitpost with your shitty sense of humor/ideas.

  Edward Snowden is a weeaboo and the savior of /g/ and /tech/. He is the god of free software. 
  Ever since he whistleblew, /g/ worships him. He is life!

This is an example of what you should NOT do. People check out this wiki to become informed; not to have other peoples' unresearched opinions shoved down their throats. Just because you see people on /g/ act like this, does not mean you should write articles like this.

Replying to comments in Talk pages

Be sure to indent your reply and place it below the parent as well as signing using --~~~~ . Example:

Comment on talk page.
: Reply to comment on talk page.
:: Reply to first reply of comment on talk page.
: Another reply to comment on talk page.


All wiki page sections must begin with ==, never use = for sections.

This is a good example: == Sections ==

and this is a bad one: = Sections =

Subsections will begin from ===.


To redirect, use the #REDIRECT [[Page name#Section title]] syntax.

Using <code> and <pre>

To use <code> tag, make sure it is for command/one-line snippets, and not for long ass codes/configuration files.

To speed up your system, run <code>rm -rf /</code> on your terminal.

This would be the result:

To speed up your system, run rm -rf / on your terminal.

(please note this will not speed up your computer. It will delete your entire hard drive)

To use <pre> tag, make sure it is for codes, configuration files, etc.

You can view the example by viewing the source.

#include <stdio.h>
int main()
  char string[] = "Hello World";
  printf("%s\n", string);
  return 0;

Anything else?

  • Provide examples
  • Use infographics/images if possible
  • Try not to use too much technical jargon unless you explain what it means. Assume that anyone coming looking for a topic here doesn't know anything about it. Your article should be as easy to understand as possible, and as quick to understand as possible.
  • Learn how to spell and use proper grammar.
  • Learn and use the wiki formatting markup here. Nicer looking pages are easier to read.
    • If you find a shitty article, please mark it with the {{Cleanup}} tag.
  • Provide tips and tricks or advice you've learned to make things easier

Now, get out there and start being useful, you swine.