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Julay World

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Julay.world is a new exodus chan from both the 8kun community, and several other chan communities. 8kun is part of a network of chans calling themselves the Cross-Chan Alliance. They have a /tech/ community.


JulayWorld is an imageboard hosting several different communities about a wide variety of topics.

Our Rules

Each board moderates their rules themselves and the rules can be found on the board pages, however a list of global rules which are enforced on every board are available below:

Global rule

There is only one global rule. The rest of the rules are defined by each board.

The rule is:

  1. Do not post, link to or request any content illegal in the United States of America. Do not request or create boards with the sole purpose of spreading this content. This includes SSNs, child pornography, beastiality and any other illegal content. The Dost test is interpreted strictly.

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