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Lainchan (stylized as lainchan) is an imageboard designed for cyberpunk communities. Anonymous posters are given a cyberpunk name based on GeoIP, time of day, and a number of other things. If a proxy is detected, it does not do this. If you see these names, no one is namefagging. It's the anon name.

Much like 7chan, Lainchan has an Icecast video stream. They also have an official lainchan zine.

Their name (and mascot) are taken from the anime Serial Experiments: Lain.


Fake end of Lainchan

In mid-2015, Lainchan pretended to go offline. An announcement was made that some users made a Lainchan 2.0. The link for it (now down) redirected to the Filthy Frank video "IT'S JUST A PRANK, BRO".


In late 2015, Lainchan moderation revealed themselves. It turned out that nearly everyone on the moderation team were under the age of 20. The reason for revealing themselves was in an effort to get people to buy Lainchan stickers and donate for the site moderation. This included a live XMPP stream with the owner literally whoring himself by jerking off on camera.

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