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Lainchan is a cyberpunk-themed imageboard. The website reflects themes and subjects seem in the cult-classic anime Serial Experiments: Lain including technology, dreams, and drugs. The premier board /cyb/ was split up into /tech/ and /sec/ because the inclusion of a dedicated cyberpunk board on a cyberpunk website was seen as superfluous.

Anonymous posters are given a random cyberpunk name depending on various factors including the time of day. Various words are filtered:

  • shit: soykaf
  • fuck: fuaark
  • banned: derezzed
  • bloat: boat
  • sucks: is like kicking dead whales down the beach

Lainchan has a video stream, zine called Lainzine, internet radio station and IRC server.


Fake end of Lainchan

In mid-2015, Lainchan pretended to go offline. An announcement was made that some users made a Lainchan 2.0. The link for it (now down) redirected to the Filthy Frank video "IT'S JUST A PRANK, BRO".


In late 2015, Lainchan moderation revealed themselves. It turned out that nearly everyone on the moderation team were under the age of 20. The reason for revealing themselves was in an effort to get people to buy stickers and donate to the site moderation. This included a live stream with the owner, an underage wannabe /cuteboys/ poster literally whoring himself by jerking off on camera. The former owner of Lainchan, Kalyx was also under the age of 18 (believed to be 14 at the time) and is a major hipster and macfag.

New ownership

After a protracted battle with Nazi trolls and spammers following the acrimonious crashing of 8chan with no survivors, which collaterally resulted in a reorganization of Lainchan and the end of /cyb/, Kalyx sold Lainchan to Appleman1234. The person has continually proven himself to be worse than Kaylix, not knowing common jargon such as the words usergroup, userspace, or even the term systems.

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