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Laptop Buying Guide

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IMPORTANT!!! Do not buy HP consumer laptops. Avoid Pavilion and Envy series, ProBooks are OK, EliteBooks are quite good.

On Budget (Under $750)

US New Laptops Go on Newegg.com, select budget and sort by Price. Select desired laptop

AUS New Laptops Go to MSY or PCCaseGear for cheap laptops. All retail stores (JB Hifi, Harvey Norman, Dick Smith) are expensive as fuck.

Used Business Laptops Get a computer that’s built to last, is fast enough for basic tasks like internet browsing and word processing for as little as $100. HP EliteBooks, Dell Latitude/Precisions and ThinkPads are the recommended Business laptops when buying used. [1]

Not on Budget (more than $750

Get a Mac ;) [2]