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Libreboot is a distribution of coreboot, which is basically identical to the latter, except for the fact that all proprietary blobs are removed in order to obtain a fully FOSS firmware that initializes hardware and boots the operating system. Despite the controversy, if you are at all interested in keeping/expanding your freedoms, then you should consider using Libreboot. However there is one major problem; Libreboot is only possible on a few different systems (thanks Intel).


In September 2016, Libreboot's lead maintainer (a transgender) started accusing the FSF of having fired someone because of transgender-related issues. FSF denied these allegations. This maintainer then tried to remove Libreboot from the GNU but that wasn't a decision they were actually capable of making.

In January 2017, Richard Stallman released Libreboot from the GNU.

Then in April 2017, Libreboot removed the accusations and the lead maintainer apologized. The entire project was also transferred to another contributor. 3 weeks later they reapplied to be a part of GNU.