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Linux-libre's mascot, Freedo (or basically a chillax Tux who give no fux) and the GNU head.

GNU Linux-libre is a modified Linux created by the FSF Latin America. It removes all non-free components and binary blobs of Linux. It officially joined the GNU project in early 2012. There are binary releases distributed by FSF Latin America, but Linux-libre is really just a set of deblob scripts.

Due to proprietary drivers being removed from Linux-Libre, hardware compatibility may vary based on free drivers being available for the hardware you use. The Free Software Foundation maintains H-Node, a database of hardware compatibility tests and their results. The H-Node database is useful for determining the compatibility of your hardware with Linux-libre and also to find compatible hardware.

Usage by distros

By default, Most (if not all) FSF-endorsed distros have Linux-libre as their default kernel. Some distros have a libre kernel available in official repos. Arch Linux has Linux-libre packages in the AUR. Gentoo has instruction in the wiki for using the Linux-libre scripts. Debian, while not using Linux-libre, has a deblobbed kernel by default, making it somewhat similar to Linux-libre.

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