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== "App Stores" ==
== "App Stores" ==
* [https://f-droid.org/ F-Droid (FOSS Repo)] -- Also allows you to add other repositories.
* [https://f-droid.org/ F-Droid (FOSS Repo)] -- Also allows you to add other repository locations as well.
== Web Browsers ==
== Web Browsers ==

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List of recommended software for Android devices.

"App Stores"

Web Browsers

  • Firefox for Android
    • very similar to the desktop version in terms of its add-ons
    • respects your freedoms
  • Google Chrome for Android
    • Well integrated because it is made by the same people who made Android
    • Syncs with the desktop version of Chrome
  • Lightning
    • Follows Google's UI pattern
    • Fast
  • Naked Browser
    • Lists trust as the first feature in the description
    • Author is a confirmed /g/entooman.¹

4chan Browsers


Privacy & Security


  • OsmAnd -- OpenStreetMap based mapping. Allows you to store detailed mapping info locally for offline access.


¹ He has a bookmark of /g/ in on of the demo screenshots

Other Platforms