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List of recommended Android software

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List of recommended software for Android devices.

Android apps.PNG

"App Stores"

  • F-Droid (FOSS Repo) -- Also allows you to add other repository locations as well.
  • Aptoide -- An alternative, decentralized set of repos that inspired F-Droid, for those who still want mainstream apps and timely updates without having to sign in to Google or sideload apks repeatedly. It features malware scanning and compares the app signature with that of the Google Play Store when available.

Web Browsers

  • Firefox for Android
    • very similar to the desktop version in terms of its add-ons
    • FOSS and respects your freedoms
    • Syncs with the desktop version of Firefox
  • Google Chrome for Android
    • Well integrated because it is made by the same people who made Android
    • Closed source, and receives many of the same privacy complaints the desktop version of Chrome does
    • Syncs with the desktop version of Chrome
  • Lightning
    • FOSS
    • Follows Google's UI pattern
    • Fast
    • Uses the Webview engine integrated with the Android system, so older versions of Android may have security issues with this browser
    • The Playstore has a paid "plus" version and a free version. Plus comes with integrated, optional adblocking and Free version is limited to 10 tabs open at a time
    • The version on F-Droid is identical to the Playstore's paid version, but free of charge
  • Naked Browser
    • Very minimilistic, barebones UI
    • Lists trust as the first feature in the description
    • Author is a confirmed /g/entooman.¹
    • Uses the Webview engine integrated with the Android system, so older versions of Android may have security issues with this browser

4chan Browsers



  • Shuttle -- Free version has ads, but apks without exist.
  • PowerAMP -- Trial version, but may be worth the money for the extra features
  • Google Play Music -- Your music from the Google Botnet!
  • Vanilla Music -- A FOSS music player, for those with tinfoil wrapped phones
  • Apollo -- FOSS, port of Cyanogenmod's default music player for other ROMs

Media Players

  • VPlayer --Plays just about every file format ever made, but not recommended for girl cartoons
  • MX Player --Recommended for anime, really good subtitle support (Will play MKVs!)

Privacy & Security

Ad Blockers

  • AdAway -- Blocks ads by editing host files - requires root
  • AdBlock Plus -- Works as a proxy, battery hungry


  • OsmAnd -- OpenStreetMap based mapping. Allows you to store detailed mapping info locally for offline access.


¹ He has a bookmark of /g/ in on of the demo screenshots

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