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List of recommended Android software

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"App Stores"

  • F-Droid (FOSS Repo) — Also allows you to add other repository locations as well.
  • Aptoide — An alternative, decentralized set of repos that inspired F-Droid, for those who still want mainstream apps and timely updates without having to sign in to Google or sideload apks repeatedly. It features malware scanning and compares the app signature with that of the Google Play Store when available.
  • You can also download APK files directly from Google Play with Evozi's APK Downloader or APK Downloader or APKPure. Be wary of third party sources that claim to provide unmodified APKs from Google Play if an app signature, checksum or other means of verification is not available. Some may bundle in malware or adware.

Web browsers

  • Firefox for Android
    • very similar to the desktop version in terms of its add-ons
    • FOSS and respects your freedoms
    • Syncs with the desktop version of Firefox
  • Google Chrome for Android
    • Well integrated because it is made by the same people who made Android
    • Closed source, and receives many of the same privacy complaints the desktop version of Chrome does
    • Syncs with the desktop version of Chrome
  • Lightning
    • FOSS
    • Follows Google's UI pattern
    • Fast
    • Uses the Webview engine integrated with the Android system, so older versions of Android may have security issues with this browser
    • The Playstore has a paid "plus" version and a free version. Plus comes with integrated, optional adblocking and Free version is limited to 10 tabs open at a time
    • The version on F-Droid is identical to the Playstore's paid version, but free of charge
  • Naked Browser
    • Very minimilistic, barebones UI
    • Lists trust as the first feature in the description
    • Author is a confirmed /g/entooman.¹
    • Uses the Webview engine integrated with the Android system, so older versions of Android may have security issues with this browser

*chan browsers

  • Overchan — Browse multiple imageboards
  • Dashchan — Powerful *chan browser, uses the extension apps for supporting particular imageboards.




  • Signal — The successor of TextSecure and RedPhone. It provides end-to-end encrypted VoIP and IM over Wi-Fi or cellular internet using your existing phone number. It is recommended by both Snowden and Bruce Schneier. Requires Google Play Services.
  • SMSSecure — Send encrypted SMS messages. Fork of TextSecure with only the SMS encryption and no internet messaging. Available in Google, Amazon and F-Secure App Store.
  • Xabber (XMPP and Facebook chat, among other things) — has OTR support
  • ChatSecure — XMPP Client focused on Security and Privacy. Supports TOR (needs orbot) and OTR encryption
  • K-9 Mail (Email) — supports OpenPGP if APG is installed
  • Telegram (IM) — a more secure WhatsApp/Viber replacement (please be aware that the server side is still proprietary, although you can still use "secret chats")
  • Antox — Tox client for android. It is Skype minus the botnet. Still experimental, so expect it to be terrible.


  • Apollo — FOSS, port of Cyanogenmod's default music player for other ROMs
  • Google Play Music — Your music from the Google Botnet!
  • [1] — A favorite among many /g/entoomen, it is a player light on resources, light on the eyes, but not light on functionality!
  • Phonograph — A music player with customization capabilites for appearance.
  • PowerAMP — Trial version, but may be worth the money for the extra features
  • Shuttle — Free version has ads, but apks without exist.
  • Vanilla Music — A FOSS music player, for those with tinfoil wrapped phones
  • Timber — Another open-source player with modern, material inspired design. Comparable to Phonograph in terms of settings. (Currently in beta, so it may have bugs!)

Media players

  • VPlayer — Plays just about every file format ever made, but not recommended for girl cartoons
  • MX Player — Recommended for anime, really good subtitle support (Will play MKVs!)
  • NewPipe — A lightweight YouTube front end without the botnet. It is still a work in progress.

Privacy and Security


  • AdAway — Blocks ads by editing host files - requires root
  • AdBlock Plus — Works as a proxy, battery hungry
  • Adguard — Works as a local VPN. Also battery hungry, but lets you use a firewall even if you don't have root, and can filter mobile traffic.

File Managers

  • File Manager — Comes preinstalled on CyanogenMod.
  • Ghost Commander — Gives access to all files on the device. Requires root.
  • Amaze — Available on F-Droid, features material design, and has root options.


Before you install any games from the Play Store, read over their permissions! A lot of free to play games will run in the background, feed you ads, and data mine the shit out of you. If you have the right security on your phone, you can easily block snoopy permissions and enjoy the terrible free to play game.

  • 2048 — A simple puzzle game where you merge matching numbers.
  • Pixel Dungeon — An excellent open source traditional roguelike with pixel-art graphics.
  • ScummVM — Open source engine for running old Point and Click Adventures like King's Quest, Leisure Suit Larry, Full Throttle, etc. Requires original commercial games to play (which are easily found).
  • Shattered Pixel Dungeon — A fork of the original with new features.
  • SudoQ — Sudoku without permissions.


  • MAPS.ME — OpenStreetMap based offline map and turn by turn navigation.
  • OsmAnd — OpenStreetMap based mapping. Allows you to store detailed mapping info locally for offline access.
  • Waze — Croudsourced navigation app that allows you to view and report accidents, traffic jams, speed and police traps, and from the online map editor, can update roads, etc.


  • Router Keygen - a free WPA/WEP key generator, can get you access to the internet if you're lucky. Supports a variety of routers.
  • AntennaPod — An Excellent podcast manager that is available on F-Droid.
  • Easy Voice Recorder Pro — The paid version of a great sound recording app.
  • Forecastie — Get the weather forecast for anywhere in the world, cached for offline use.
  • Kiwix — A web reader for offline content, notably Wikipedia.
  • Lesser Pad — A simple text editor that saves documents in plain-text format.
  • PirateBox — Run a fileshare/chat wireless hotspot. Requires root.
  • Snap Camera — The best camera app for Android.
  • spaRSS — Auto-updating RSS feed reader with full text extraction (no more truncated feeds).
  • microG — FOSS re-implementation of Google’s proprietary Android user space apps and libraries. Great for those who desire a bit more privacy, but still want to continue using Google's services. When used on older phone, it can even better your battery life. (Your ROM needs to support signature spoofing - Omni 5 and 6 have it in out of the box, but other ROMs require a patch. If you're not comfortable with running xposed, or just want to avoid it for some reason, you can use Needle by moosd)


¹ He has a bookmark of /g/ in one of the demo screenshots.

External links

  • Prism Break — Lists software that respect your freedom and privacy (and points out those which do not).
  • Droid Break — Lists notable free and open source software

See also

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Root required /System/ App mover -can remove almost all programs, requires busybox installed. AdWay

Security AFWall+ ShooperStopper SecDroid (I can`t tell if it works) NoUSSD