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=== Viewing ===
=== Viewing ===
*[http://www.devontechnologies.com/products/freeware.html PhotoStickies] - Stick photos to your desktop.
== Gaming ==
== Gaming ==

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For a more complete collection of terminal applications, be sure to check the GNU/Linux applications page.

Package Managers

Terminal Applications

File Management

FTP Clients

Transmit for OS X.

Online Storage

Network Monitoring

System Monitoring


nvALT has a customizable interface.

Audio Players

While expensive, Fidelia offers a lot of extra options and features for audiophiles.
  • iTunes - The default audio player. While not very customizable, it features good sorting options and integration. Can't play FLAC files.
  • Fidelia - At $20, it's a pretty harsh price for a music player. Unless you really need those advanced features, stick to a cheaper player.
  • Swinsian - Also $20, but made by a /g/ user.
  • Sonora - Original devs have abandoned it. Seemingly no github activity.
  • Ecoute
  • Enqueue - $10
  • Vox - Minimalistic alternative to iTunes that also has the ability to play FLAC.

Command line players

Audio Tools

  • last.fm - Find new music based on what you're listening to.
  • XLD

Video Players


See Browsers

Chat clients

  • Adium - Customizable chat client with loads of themes, soundpacks and other plugins.
  • Skype


Airmail for OS X.


Application Launchers

  • Alfred - Simple but efficient application launcher. Best in combination with the Powerpack.
  • Launchbar - A little more complicated than Alfred, has a few convenient features that Alfred lacks.
  • Quicksilver


  • Obsidian Menu Bar - Changes the color of the menu bar to black.
  • Bartender - Utility to clean up and manage your menu bar.
  • Geektool - Add shell scripts and images to your desktop.
  • Bowtie - Customizable display for the music you're listening to.


Growl allows for many different types of notifications.

System Maintenance


Disk tools

DaisyDisk gives you a graphical overview over used disk space.
  • DaisyDisk - Gives you a graphical overview over your file system.
  • Disk Inventory X - Free alternative to DaisyDisk.
  • Gemini - Intelligent duplicate remover.

Torrent Clients

  • Transmission - Simple and lightweight open source torrent client.
  • rtorrent - Terminal torrent client.

Archiving Tools


Images & Graphics


  • ImageAlpha - Program for reducing the file size of PNG files.
  • ImageOptim - Software for reducing the size of JPG and PNG files.


Pixelmator in action.
  • Preview - The default image viewing and editing app. Lightweight and functional alternative for simple edits.
  • Skitch - Simple editing program for adding anotations to images.
  • Pixelmator - A good and affordable ($30) alternative to photoshop.
  • Acorn - Similar to Pixelmator.
  • Sketch - Another alternative to Pixelmator.
  • GIMP - The GNU Image Manipulation Program. Free open source image editing program.



Other Platforms