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*[http://www.vmware.com/ VMWare] ''(non-free)''
*[http://www.vmware.com/ VMWare] ''(non-free)''
*[https://www.virtualbox.org/ VirtualBox]
*[https://www.virtualbox.org/ VirtualBox]
===Virtual Desktop Manager===
*[http://virtuawin.sourceforge.net/ VirtuaWin] - Allows you to use multiple virtual desktops

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Video Players

  • MPC-HC - open-source; with the madVR renderer for GPU rendering and more features (download here)
  • PotPlayer - open-source, supports madVR and H.265 playback. A fork of KMPlayer. (Download here)

Audio Players

  • foobar2000 - freeware; lightweight and customizable
  • MusicBee - freeware; customizable and powerful
  • MediaMonkey - freemium; powerful media player with a great database

PDF Readers

Image Viewer

Image Editor

  • GIMP - A popular Photoshop alternative - as good as it tries to be; known to be buggy
  • Paint.NET - Started as a MS Paint alternative, now integrates plenty of features such as layers and effects

Video Encoder


  • HandBrake - Very basic
  • MeGUI - Supports Hi10P encoding
  • StaxRip - Supports fairly advanced audio encoding, batch processing


  • x265 - Pre-alpha x265 builds

Audio Editor

Office Suite

Text Editor

Hex Editor



Disk Burning

Virtual CD/DVD Drive





File Recovery

Computer Specs

Virtual Machine

Virtual Desktop Manager

  • VirtuaWin - Allows you to use multiple virtual desktops