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This page is currently planned to be a guide in the same idea of the Headphones page. For general information on microphones and how they work down to their basics, please visit Wikipedia. Any known guides involving microphones and other related equipment to them could possibly be on the bottom of this page.

While Microphone Threads on imageboards are very rare and my extreme lack of knowledge about them, I wish for this to still be a useful resource for mics in some way.

Quick Do's and Do-Not's

  • While becoming increasingly more convenient to carry with the higher proliferation of USB ports, USB mics draw power directly from the computer or other embedded device, thus causing very high amounts of static to be heard, even with little to no audio boosting. Unless you're trying to intentionally sound like you're speaking inside a garbage can, I highly suggest avoiding USB mics like a contagious disease, so at least use mics with 3.5mm jacks.
  • Unless you want to counteract the static of USB mics or plugging in XLR-based microphones, Audio Interfaces aren't completely necessary for the average person.

External links

A Google Spreadsheet from /g/'s Headphone General.

A Youtube series aimed towards amateur voice actors, but there's still a sizable chunk of useful info, even if it's geared towards the more spendy of equipment. Part 2