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IPS Faggotry

>muh dell ultrashit


IPS monitors are what you want. They have great viewing angles, great colors and are pretty bright. Also look for monitors with a VESA compatible mount on the back if you may want to mount it on a stand in the future.

8ms or less response time is good for general use, but for high speed gaming (First Person Shooters) you may or may not want to go for something in the range of 1-5ms. If you go this route watch for cheap monitors that hack the response time instead of actually being high quality. They're shit and ghost harder than Casper.

Recommended Models

A broad list of recommended models can be found on Logical Increments

Generally speaking, Asus, Acer and Dell are well-respected with computer monitors. Other companies are good as well.

Muh Hertz

Currently the best high refresh rate display (120Hz+) is the ASUS VG248QE. However, this is expected to change as newer GSYNC models are announced.

60hz or 144hz?

If you are currently shopping for a new monitor, especially a gaming one, you may be confused as to whether you should purchase a 60hz screen or a 144hz screen.

60hz is currently (as of February 2016) the industry standard for refresh rates. All of today's gaming consoles run on 60hz, as do the vast majority of PC games. Very few games provide an option for 144hz refresh rate, and most of those games are limited to first person shooter and real-time strategy titles. Basically, hardcore multiplayer competitive gaming titles.

So you may wonder: why not go ahead and buy a 144hz monitor anyway? The problem with doing this is that 144hz is currently limited to TN monitors, which do not display colors as beautifully as IPS screens (there are a handful of IPS 144hz monitors, but are very expensive compared to 60hz IPS screens). However, TN panels refresh far more faster than IPS, which could give you that competitive edge in games.

So when it comes to deciding between 144hz and 60hz, you have to ask yourself these questions:

  • Do you prefer pretty colors or fast-paced refresh times? (IPS vs. TN)
  • Do you play games competitively, or casually?
  • Do you play one of the few games that supports 144hz?

If you answer favors the 144hz side to two of these questions, then 144hz may be worth the investment. Otherwise, it is best to stick with an IPS 60hz panel.