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This page provides a list of tech, sci-fi, and Cyberpunk-related movies worth watching.




Probably the best movie about the Microsoft vs. Apple war and the tech boom in the 80s-90s. Plus it's pretty fucking entertaining.


This movie convinced Ronald Reagan to make law against this movie happening. The movie is a work of fiction, however, and sadly the law still applies. It makes little sense.
If you're an FSFfag, this movie shows the dangers of non-free software :^)
John Travolta plays a wonderful crime boss who forces this computer hacker to hack into bank accounts and stuff. P great.


The first biopic that came out after Steve Job's death, this movie is a hilarious production from the website Funny or Die. This is also their first Feature-Length production!


Sci-Fi + Action/Adventure/Drama

This is a Kubrick movie, so you know it'll be good.
One of the earliest Cyberpunk movies.
This movie is almost a romanticized view of the connection between programmer and program.
The sequel to 2001: A Space Oddesy, but not a Kubrick production. "My God. It's full of Stars!"
The Governator at his best.
Two young men attempt to make a beautiful, sex crazed woman out of their computer, a doll, a modem, illegal government software, and electricity. It goes horribly right!
"Number 5 is... Alive!"
Excellent cyberpunk movie. TV show version was bad though.
First one was pretty good. Second one was... less good. Third one was...
Will Smith in the year 2030, robots become commonplace and slaves to humans.
"I am Iron Man! Has he lost his mind? Can he see or is he blind? Who the fuck care's he's Iron Man!"
Remake of the other TRON.



Can be found on DEFCON site: https://www.defcon.org/html/links/dc-torrent.html

Stallman, Linus, etc.

All about Aaron Schwartz's long fight with Copyright law, and his suicide before trial

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