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Music is said to be the pure expression of the soul. Here's our music picks for you to show you how fucked up our own is.


When done right, ambient music "must be as ignorable as it is interesting". This makes it one of the best genres of music to listen to while programming or doing another activity that demands a higher level of focus and attention. Below as a few highlights, though you're encouraged to web search the term to find what you like best.

  • Aphex Twin is famous for being one of the pioneers of the IDM genre, but he has also released a highly praised collection of ambient tracks entitled Selected Ambient Works 85-92, followed by Selected Ambient Works Volume II.
  • Brian Eno basically coined the term "ambient music" at the same time that he released what most critics consider to be the most fine example of the genre to date, Ambient 1: Music for Airports. There is also the eerie Ambient 4: On Land, as well as Music for Films, and an incredibly rich discography if you're looking for more.
  • Chipmunks On 16 Speed is a colloquial name for re-recordings of the virtual band Alvin!!! and the Chipmunks slowed down to 16 RPM (The usual records are played at 33 1/3 RPM). The result is a slow and odd ambient sound, with Dave Seville's voice singing at a normal speed. It has produced very interesting results, for example making Belinda Carlisle's 1987 hit single Heaven is a Place on Earth into a Goth-style hymn and Devo's 1980 hit Whip It sound like a song by Nine Inch Nails.
  • The Residents is an ambient group first formed in 1974 with their breakthrough album Meet The Residents!. They have remained highly obscure throughout their entire history by choice and have successfully remained completely anonymous in that time. Only one member has been identified, due to his death. His name was Hardy Fox whom was known to use multiple aliases when releasing music. He was confirmed as the co-founder of The Residents upon his death, and it was further confirmed in his own Obituary. When their first album was released, some listeners initially believed the group to actually be The Beatles in secret due to the cover being a blatant parody of The Beatles album Meet The Beatles!, and containing portions of Beatles' songs.Throughout their history, multiple people have been believed to be The Residents, including Mark Allen Mothersbaugh of DEVO, and Les Claypool of Primus fame. Numerous artistic recordings have been released by the group, the most famous of which include Meet the Residents!, and Third Reich and Roll.
    The Residents is the Litmus Test for deciding if one actually knows music or if one only listens to music, as they are entierly a satire using advanced music theory.


Chiptunes are music made of low-quality MIDI devices you'd find in a 1990's cell phone. They are designed to play through a buzzer.

  • Keygen Music hosts a heap of chiptunes from scene releases groups such as Razor1911, Reloaded and Theta.

Hip Hop

If you don't know what this is, you have been under a rock since at least 1975. In which case, congratulations you hermit!


House music is a type of music you would hear in a club. It is essentially electronica, but is its own sub-genre of electronica music.

  • Daft Punk: Who doesn't know these two guys? They also did the OST from Tron: Legacy


Every good movie has a good score.


Plunderphonics is a genre of art (in this case music) which takes numerous found sources, mixes them up, and makes new artisitc music out of them.

  • The Avalanches is an Australian group that has made two amazing albums consisting entierly of sampled sounds. They play no instruments, every note is taken from other obscure sources. They recieved international fame with their debut album Since I Left You (2000), which was the first plunderphonic album to have reached mainstream success. Their second album, Wildflower, was released two decades later in 2016.

Sound Collage

A sound-collage is a type of plunderphonic recording. It makes use of heavy samples and mixes, rarely having actual singing or sometimes even anything resembling music. It is a smorgasbord of sound, assembled together similar to the Kuleshov effect, albeit audio.

  • Negativland is a very humorous Sound Collage band. They also have had a radio show for longer than they were a band, Over the Edge on KPFA Radio, UC Berkley.


In the 90's, rock evolved to industrial. After industrial, *-core music was developed to be faster and harsher. Speedcore combines horrorcore and other core genres. The music of speedcore is so fast, it can not be played on an instrument. Usually, the melody is sampled from other sources and put into a computer program which speeds it up to insanely fast time signatures. The speed of this music rarely is below 300bpm.

  • Jimmy Screamerclauz is a pretty awesome dude. Made a few movies too. He also has an Action Figure. His last album to date, Planetary Evacuation Recruitment Tape is a concept album showing the dark and depraved side of humanity. It explores Serial Killers, Cults, Rapists, and Reptilians all from the comfort of your Grave-Robbing HQ.


One of the many *-wave music, Synthwave is primarily designed to emulate many genres of the 1980's involving artificially synthesized music.


Vaporwave is a self-parody, designed to be a kind of Post-Capitalistic emotional trip. Primarily sampled from Easy Listening tracks, elevator music, and the background music of The Home Shopping Network (and like things), it is slowed down and presented as a kind of calming background for the spaz and weirdo. It began the Lo-Fi craze of the early 2010's, and is designed to be listened to in the lowest quality possible. Many Vaporwave artists release their music on tape and emulate CD skipping as a part of the song.

  • Oneohtrix Point Never pretty much created vaporwave in 2010 under the album "Chuck Person's Eccojams Vol. 1" Infamous for their fan-made video by /mu/.
  • Vektroid is a vaporwave artist who, often many aliases, has created some remarkable music, including Macintosh Plus-Floral Shoppe.

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