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Network configurations

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There exist several contemporary standards for defining a network type. These are a standard of the OSI model. Several of these are newspeak, but still good to know.

Name Full-Name Description
LAN Local Area Network A Network consisting of computers all connected to a central switch. Has three use-specific subsets.
HAN Home-area Network A subset of LAN, for home networks
SAN Storage-area Network A subset of LAN, for storage.
WLAN Wireless Local-area Network A subset of LAN, running on Wireless Networking.
WAN Wide-area Network A LAN connected to another LAN by some means. An early example of this is UUCP
PAN Personal Area Network A newer term meaning a network of devices on your own person. For example, a Smart Phone connecting to a Bluetooth headset and a Smart Watch.
BAN Body-area Network A variant PAN to specify body-wearable computing
NAN Near-me Area Network Wireless communication network with nearby computers
MAN Metropolis Area Network You know how some small towns have created Wi-Fi networks you can connect to for a small fee you pay to your City Hall? This is what that's called.
CAN Campus Area Network Like MAN, but by your University for use on the campus.
IAN Internet-area Network Perhaps the most Newspeak, this simply means computers connected over the newspeak term "The Cloud" and has little real meaning whatsoever.