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Package manager

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This is the software repositories that you will meet with some linux os. They are used to download your software in opposition to compiling them from source. In other words they automatate every thing for the dumb shit you are and allow you to install, update and remove the application you need cause youre to retarded to write them by yourself with a magnifying glass and the sun directly on your hard drive. The most common package managers are yum (RHEL - rpm) and aptitude (Debian - deb).


you run it like this:

to install: sudo apt-get install _________

to update: sudo apt-get update

to remove: sudo apt-get remove _________


you run it like this

to install: sudo yum install _________


Zypper is a cli frontend for openSUSEs package manager.


zypper in <name of package>

zypper rm <name of package>

installs or removes a package

zypper ar <name of package>

zypper rr <name of package>

adds or removes a repository

zypper update updates.