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Posting Etiquette

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Before Posting

  • Make sure that there is not already a thread that has the same topic; check the catalog
  • If it is a tech support related question, consider posting it in the /SQT/, or Stupid Questions Thread
  • If it is a PC build related question, see if there is a thread about PC builds already up, and consider posting there or in the stupid questions thread first
  • If it is a Headphones related question, post in /HPG/, the headphones general or the stupid questions thread

Technology Board Posting Standards

What is okay?

  • Technology related posts.
    • "But why, Anon?"
    • This is because /g/ is a board for discussing tecnology, as the name implies.
  • News posts regarding technology or the Internet.
    • "But why, Anon?"
    • If you have to ask, you're a faggot and you're killing /g/.
  • Occasional desktop threads (this includes homescreen threads), this does not include "LOL YOUR DESKTOP IS FAG".
    • "But why, Anon?"
    • They're mostly spam circlejerking, but they do showcase some neat stuff you can do with your own computer.
  • Occasional battlestation threads.
    • "But why, Anon?"
    • For the same reason desktop threads aren't too bad.
  • Bi-hourly "What are you working on" threads.
    • "But why, Anon?"
    • Because these are one of the few threads that seem to include even an inkling of actual programming discussion, as opposed to "LOL C++ IS FOR FAGGOT, PYTHON ALL THE WAY" threads.

What is not okay?

  • "GNU/Linux" copypasta.
    • "But why, Anon?"
    • It is not content that is considered related to discussing tecnology, since it is copypasta.
  • Unpackaging/"Look at what I got!" threads.
    • "But why, Anon?"
    • Nobody cares, why don't you post about why you got it or what purpose it serves?
  • Linux vs. Windows vs. Mac
    • "But why, Anon?"
    • Because anybody that has aged beyond 16 should know by now that the purpose of a computer is to accomplish your own personal goals, not to look super edgy and have the most baddest OS /g/ can recommend.
    • It is also an endless cirklejerk that clutters up the front page of /g/. Refrain from posting these kind of threads, and better, more thought out content, may occupy the front page.

How to Not be a Shitposter

It seems counter-intuitive that a guide on how not to be a shitposter would be needed, but unfortunately, /g/ desperately needs one. This guide is going to teach you the basics of behaving like an actual /g/entleman, not some mongrel off of /b/.


These are the most basic rules that hold true throughout all posts in /g/. Many of these basics can be applied to other boards as well. Using these basics, you won't appear to be an idiot:

  • Stay away from memes. An occasional meme is fine, but if your posts all read like "U mad u jelly alpha as fuck install gentoo lol umad" people will think you're retarded and stop helping you.
  • Spell properly. Nobody expects you to be the next Chomsky, but at least make your posts legible to the average reader. It's very difficult to help someone if you have trouble deciphering their post.
  • Don't be rude and expect help. Many of you have experience with /b/ and have heard the phrase "/b/ is not your personal army." /g/ is not your personal Geek Squad, even less so if we feel we're being ordered around. Think of yourself as a beggar and /g/ as a rich man. Be nice to us and we're more likely to help you. Be rude and you'll get a lot of trolling.
  • Do your research. Don't be like "/g/ i gotta problem wat do?". Turning to /g/ as a first resource is lazy and rude to us as well. Remember, we're just humans who don't hold all the answers. Try to find your answers elsewhere first.
  • That said, if after researching, you still can't figure out what you wanted to, create a topic on /g/ and pray for the best. /g/ can range from helping you in under three posts to letting the entire thread turn into nothing more than loli dumps and "INSTALL GENTOO, DELETE SYSTEM32".
  • If your problem is fixed, thank them. Nothing makes a person happier than to have their work appreciated. Even something as simple as a thanks can go a long way to an otherwise regular day.

Creating a Topic

Okay, so trying to find your answers elsewhere didn't work out. It's okay, we understand. Now you can turn to /g/. But don't just make a topic or it's going to go nowhere. Instead, follow these guidelines:

Making a Tech Support Topic

  • Post a picture that's related. If your picture is a loli and your problem concerns your motherboard, when an unsuspecting /g/entleman clicks on your thread eager for a loli dump, they're going to be disappointed to find out that you have a tech thread.
  • Begin by giving a tl;dr (too long; didn't read). The first few sentences should be set apart from the body, prefaced with "tl;dr", and sentences should summarize the problem well enough that an informed /g/entleman can help you going on that information alone. This has two benefits; first, the people who don't want to read much can quickly help you. Second, the people who choose to read ahead have a central point that ties everything together. This is valuable and will help you get answers quickly.
  • The meat of the topic should tell us the problem in detail, but not so much that we get bogged down. Remember, /g/ tends to lose interest quickly in something that doesn't concern loli. Tell us what's wrong and what you've tried to do already. Tell us the results of what you've tried to do.
  • Be patient. Don't bump the thread every few minutes; this isn't /b/, and threads don't fall to the bottom that quickly. If around 10 minutes pass and nobody responds, try a bump then.

Following these steps gives your problem a much better chance of being solved.

Making a Build Thread

  • Remember, /g/ doesn't react well to "build me a gaming computer /g/ $100 max". Use the Falcon Guide/Other Sites to find parts first and at least show you can do something by yourself.
  • Take a screenshot of your build in the shopping cart and use that as your picture. Also, include links to all the parts of your build in your post.
  • Remember, 4chan is international. While it may seem normal to pay 4500 AUD for a motherboard, people who use USD are going to think you're fucking insane. Specify what currency you're using and convert it to whatever currency the people you want help from use. So Europeans, if you want help from Americans, be sure to tell what your money converts to in USD. Most people don't want to bother with conversion and may simply say fuck it; by converting, you make it less likely they'll ignore your topic.