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Questionable software

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A list of shitty software, to be on this list at least one of the following points must apply:

  • It is a buggy mess.
  • It spies on you.
  • It takes huge amount of time and/or computer resources just to do simple tasks


Such a buggy mess that both Firefox[1] and Chrome block the plugin by default.

The language in which masterpieces of inefficiency were written like eclipse (needs 2GB of ram to edit one small source file), minecraft (Quake 1 has better visuals and unlike minecraft it doesn't take an 8 core 16GB ram machine to run) and healthcare.gov that was so horrible (it took more than 500 million dollars to write) it made the democrats lose the next elections.

Don't use Java (unless you want a job). C and python (with pypy) are much better depending what you want to make.

All Java software is pure shit I have yet to find any exceptions.


Microsoft records everything that goes through it, EVERYTING.

Takes large amounts of resources and is very slow. Sending files is very slow and videos are low quality probably because of all the analysis microsoft/NSA does on them.

Use Tox when it comes out instead.