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RSS stands for Really Simple Syncication. RSS allows users to keep track of multiple websites via feeds through a single application. It is too complicated for the typical Zoomer to understand, so only oldfags use it these days. However, it can be extremely useful for things like Youtube subscriptions without a Google account and torrent releases if you are a /ptg/ fag and need to keep a seed ratio.

Recommended RSS Clients


  • Liferea - Linux Feed Reader is a featureful graphical feedreader for the Linux desktop. It features reading articles offline, playing podcasts, and synchronizing with multiple cloud services (including the self-hosted TinyTinyRSS).
  • Newsboat - Text based terminal client for RSS and atom. Fork of Newsbeuter because that is now abandoned. Uses simple config and supports macros. The /g/ choice.
  • qBittorrent - As well as a BitTorrent client, qBittorrent can be used to track RSS feeds and can auto-download torrent links from the feed.
  • Newsbeuter - A text-based terminal client for RSS and Atom feeds, with a simple conf file. (Abandoned)