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This is a digitised version of the 'How Do I Pass the Redacted.ch interview' pdf guide. Part 1 deals with shit that is already on interviewfor.red/en/index.html but it's more detailed/modified in parts and part 2 is answers to common question and shit like that.

Analogue vs digital


  • Needs to be converted from analogue → digital (eg FLAC, MP3) via converter to a file that the PC can read
  • Analogue medium: Stores music in an object being physically altered to produce sound
  • Examples
    • A tape recorder changes the magnetization of magnetic tape in a cassette tape to record sound. Plugging a tape deck into a recording device makes a digital copy of the analog cassette tape.
    • A record cutter carves grooves in a vinyl record to make a physical representation of the sound. Ripping vinyl through a preamp and into a sound card makes a digital copy of the analog vinyl
  • Allowed
    • Vinyl (always)
    • Cassette under strict conditions


  • Already encoded as a PC readable format
  • Digital medium: object storing music in digital files (a binary number string)
  • Examples
    • CDs
    • DVDs
    • Super Audio CDs (SACD)
    • WEB store downloads (iTunes, Amazon, etc.)
  • Allowed
    • after using spectral analysis to check for lossy transcodes

Why analogue or digital?

  • Some people prefer the “feel” of vinyl and think that music on vinyl records sounds “warmer” and “fuller”
  • Others think that digital sources provide an unadulterated and pristine listening experience.

Audio format

  • a type of computer file that stores music. Music formats are either uncompressed lossless, compressed lossless, or lossy
  • Bitrate: number of bits conveyed/transferred within a unit of time. Units = kbps (kilobits per second). eg CBR file has 320kbps
  • Transparency: When the audible quality of a lossy file is such that the difference between the lossless and lossy file cannot be a differentiated by a human ear. Usually MP3 192kbps CBR is considered transparent