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Sound cards

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Sound Cards are device that usually fit in computer PCI/E slots, and sometimes use USB. Sound cards provide much better quality sound than the built in sound that is included with most motherboards.

Sound cards are usually made for people who want more Fidelity and crispness. Sometimes Sound cards have shielding to prevent interference that may degrade sound quality. These features usually lead to a better listening experience.

But, most of the time, to remove most of the "noise" caused by hardware, using your back audio port will fix this because your front audio port uses un-shielded wire from interference so by reducing the area that "noise" can occur.

Choosing a Sound card

There are a few main points in choosing a sound card:

  • Price
  • Brand
  • Ports and expansion
  • How much do they improve sound quality

Price: A good sound card usually costs around $100-$150, anything over this is typically made for audiophiles and there is no extra improvement in sound quality.