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Spider Vein Treatment: Get Relief Today.

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Medically, spider veins are also known as 'sunburst varicosities' or 'telangiectasias'. Usually, Spider veins are found in the legs or in the lower parts of the body. It can develop in both men and women. According to the experts, a minimum of fifty to seventy percent of women is suffering from this particular medical condition. For more detailed information visit vein center near me.

It has been found that men develop fewer spider veins compared to women. Moreover, their hairy legs cover these ugly veins up. On the other hand, women are the most affected by this condition as their visibility is more prominent in their legs or face.

Persons with fair skin tone can notice these ugly veins more prominently. As the name suggests, spider veins appear like cobwebs in colors red, blue, and purple. Besides the ugly appearance, they can cause pain to the person affected by the damaged veins. The pain issues associated with spider veins are aching, swelling, burning sensations, and night cramps. Luckily, there are various types of spider vein treatments available to relieve the damaged veins.

How to get ready for a spider vein treatment procedure?

Professionals will instruct you so that you will be fully prepared for the treatment. They may ask to:

● Quit smoking before going through the treatment to enhance the better results.

● Stop taking medicines like aspirin, certain anti-inflammatory drugs, and some herbal medications as they may cause increased bleeding.

● Avoid taking aspirin, certain anti-inflammatory drugs, and a few herbal medications which will cause increased bleeding.

● Hydrate your body before and after surgery for a safe recovery.

A spider vein treatment procedure:

Spider veins can be eliminated with sclerotherapy or with lasers.


This spider vein treatment near me is perfectly fit for medium-sized veins which means greater than three millimeters in diameter. During the procedure, professionals use an injection with a sclerosing solution delivered directly to the affected area with a micro-needle that causes the vein to shrink, absorb in the body and gradually fade away. The vein doctor near me texas recommends compression stockings after the completion of the procedure for better results. People may experience discomfort during the procedure. One important thing that you should keep in your mind is that sclerotherapy is not for pregnant women. Also, if you have previously blood clots, won’t be a candidate for this procedure. You can get the treatment completed at vein centers texas.

Laser vein treatment:

The following treatment is designed to treat medium-sized blood vessels of the size of one to three millimeters. It is perfect to treat facial veins. While performing this procedure, professionals will cover your eyes so that your corneas and retinas can be protected from the laser. They will use a handpiece that will be passed over your skin and the laser will be absorbed by the blood making them coagulate and be absorbed by the body. You may notice redness, bruising, and blistering on the skin but these side effects will disappear over a couple of weeks to a couple of months. Doctors at veins centers energy corridor may advise you to stay away from direct exposure to the sun to protect the treated area.

The results may not be permanent as the problematic veins may be reversed and you may notice their reappearance. To achieve the best results, you will have to attend more than one session at vein center memorial.