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Chromium may still have some tracking put in place by Google.

I've recently been trying out Iridium, and so far, it's a good alternative. It may nag you whenever it tries to connect to google, but it has definitely has gotten better. it uses Qwant as it's default browser, and it appears that they actually want to become a good, privacy-centric Chromium alternative. It'll take me more time to investigate Qwant's privacy policy, along with test Iridium's outbound traffic. --Parley (talk) 14:02, 29 July 2015 (EDT)


Only DNSCrypt, Unbound, and OpenNIC are recommended. Why not OpenDNS? Also, there's no article on OpenNIC or OpenDNS, which I think there should be. --The One, The Only... Chocolate Chip! (talk) 19:57, 7 January 2016 (EST)

I assume it's because (quote from Anonymising_yourself#DNS): "Google DNS and OpenDNS log queries. ... OpenDNS logs your IP address and may also correlate it with other information that is normally non-personally identifying.[1] Avoid those two services." 3rd party source confirms --Ebay (talk) 20:29, 7 January 2016 (EST)
That information seems out of date. OpenDNS changed their privacy policy when Cisco bought them, and it mentions nothing that the article mentions, except that it uses webpages like Google+ that use cookies. --The One, The Only... Chocolate Chip! (talk) 22:40, 7 January 2016 (EST)
To be fair, OpenDNS offers considerably less than any of the above. Unbound is a high performance recursive, validing caching DNS server. DNSCrypt encrypts DNS queries and the servers that support it have good policies for the most part (no logging, DNSSEC support for some, and no censorship). OpenNIC offers a good policy PLUS extra tlds. So what exactly does OpenDNS have to offer? The aforementioned services all offer what OpenDNS offers AND more. — Galactus (talk) 04:36, 8 January 2016 (EST)

Freenet links

I found this guide and could use help removing the CP links. I think it would be good for the freenet article. Can anyone (or is anyone willing to) help? the list--Se7en (talk) 02:13, 2 March 2016 (EST)

inb4 fbi
Damn this shit is still here, huh? It would be a good idea to revert the changes (and these talk page changes) : rather than edit-to-delete them. Otherwise this shit is in the history forever. Contact a mod about it or whatever if need be. Having this shit in our history has no happy ending.
Beyond the party van issues, do we really need a colossal list of links to random sites? If we need random links at all, a link to the pastebin/wherever would do. Freenet comes with bookmarks to massive link indexes anyway.
Perhaps a /g/ related freenet link section would be useful. Mrsnooze (talk) 00:05, 5 March 2016 (EST)
I don't think we should have any Freenet links at all, some links are dead, and Linkageddon is even linked when you entered Freenet.  Morpheus talk 12:04, 5 March 2016 (EST)

Rename to American English spelling

... naturally, I prefer BE, but in order to make this article more prominent elsewhere we need to adopt the most common spelling, which sadly is AE.

— Galactus (talk) 16:08, 12 April 2016 (EDT)