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(Proposed guidelines for software recommendations.)
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These are my proposed standards for adding software to the 'recommended' software page. I am only trying to start a conversation about what we want to see here, so don't read this as if I am attempting to cross the Rubicon or anything.

  • Is is notable? - If it is notable, it should be mentioned on /g/ at least infrequently.
  • Is its feature set unique? - Obviously, we do not want to recommend too many different software options to fulfil the same role. I do not feel that this should be a strict standard of course. WinRAR and 7zip for example are in my opinion different enough to both be worthy of mention.
  • Is it standalone software? - Add-Ons or extensions for Web Browsers should probably be covered on the appropriate browser pages. Perhaps full-featured programs like ChatZilla should be excepted from this, but I cannot say that I like the idea.
  • Is it highly questionable software? - If it phones home or performs other malware-like activities without some significant justification, it should probably not be recommended.
  • Is there a clearly superior alternative? - This is a list of recommended software. If something is objectively inferior in every meaningful way, it should not be listed here.
  • Is it free or at least unlimited shareware? - We should probably shy away from recommending software with a completely non-optional price tag. Obviously, good paid software like Photoshop or Microsoft Office must be listed, but we all know how much Anon hates paying for things.
  • Is it an extremely specialised piece of software? This is a page of general recommendations, so we probably ought to avoid covering anything too exotic. If the average power user would not know what to do with it, it probably should not be here. Rapespider (talk) 16:55, 13 February 2014 (EST)